Ten Hours of Head Trauma – A Trash Film Marathon Where You Don’t Pay to Get In…YOU PAY TO GET OUT!

Saturday, September 12, Noon-10pm
Ellice Theatre, 585 Ellice Ave
ESCAPE starts at $20 and goes down $1 for every hour you stay! Or stay all day for only $5! Arrive anytime during the show!

Ten brain-numbing, butt-numbing hours of trash film at its finest! A top-secret lineup of films both old and new that have NEVER been released in Canada!
Action films! Horror Films! Music Films! TV Specials! Animal Films! Documentaries!
Teen trash! Eurotrash! Psychotronic Trash!

– Kier-La Janisse


Kier-La has pretty weird and wonderful taste. In addition, she has a pretty rad collection of ultra rare movies. It promises to be strange at the very least. Looking forward to it!

– Clint Enns


From UPTOWN Magazine September 3, 2009:
Ten hours of trashy goodness
Big Smash! Productions takes the movie marathon to a new level with Ten Hours of Head Trauma

Ten hours of trashy goodness Winnipeg will surely be the envy of film fans everywhere when it hosts Ten Hours of Head Trauma: a 10-hour movie marathon in which the longer you stay, the cheaper your ticket gets.

Film programmer extraordinaire Kier-La Janisse has assembled a top-secret lineup of trashy goodness, comprised of everything from short films and features to documentaries and obscure oddities that have never been officially released in Canada.

Janisse is keeping mum about the exact titles, explaining, “These are films that come from years of collecting which, for whatever reason, fall through the cracks and never get released.

“The main thing is that it’s a trash film festival, which doesn’t mean necessarily the films are all bad. There is something inherently fascinating about all these movies,” she continues.

“In previous years, when I did it in Vancouver (as a fundraiser for her Cinemuerte Film Festival), I played Deafula, a vampire film made entirely in sign language by a deaf school, and Dracula’s name isn’t really Dracula, it’s Steve.”

And with 10 hours of programming, you can be sure there’s going to be something for everyone.

“There are documentaries, action, music films, TV specials, all kinds of stuff. I would say that the earliest movie is from the ’70s, but I’m trying to get some actual premieres, too. Sort of like (Aint It Cool News’) Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Texas, where they have surprise sneak screening previews of brand new movies,” Janisse says.

“Certainly there’s going to be things that annoy some people, but I don’t pick movies to drive people out so I make more money. If I just play terrible movies with no conscience, then I won’t be able to have this fundraiser again next year.”

Her independently run company, Big Smash! Productions, is raising money for a pricey HD cam deck. “Right now I do screenings at different venues around town which only play DVDs, which isn’t appropriate for public exhibition. An HD deck brings it up to festival-level presentation, so if I do screenings at the Lo Pub or wherever, it’s more professional.” (The Queen singalong is also part of the same fundraiser – see page 5.)

While 10 hours may seem like a long haul, there will be breaks in between each film, and people who stay for the entire run will be rewarded with prizes. Bathroom breaks are no problem, but if you need to go for a smoke, that’s another story.

“There are guards in the lobby to make sure you don’t escape without paying. If you want to go outside for any reason, you need to be handcuffed to a guard. Bribing might be required if you want to actually cross the street for any reason. At a timed break, a guard might walk everyone to the 7-Eleven as a group,” Janisse says.

If that still seems daunting, don’t worry; you can drop in at any time during the day.

“The time you come in is written down on your hand, and gets counted down from then. It starts at $20 and goes down a dollar every hour, so if you leave at 1 p.m., it’s $19. So if you come in at 7 p.m., the hours that you stayed get marked down from that.”

Diehard fans get the best deal. If you stay for the whole 10 hours, it’s five bucks.

“There’ll be refreshments and popcorn. There’s also the Ellice Café, if you wanted something more substantial that we might not have at the concession stand,” Janisse adds. “People who want to stay all day will be entertained to the max. There will be movies that they’ll be glad they saw and make them feel more complete for having seen them.”

– Aaron Graham


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