Star Wars Uncut: The Biggest Fan Recreation in the Universe

Star Wars Uncut was created by Vimeo Staff Member, Casey Pugh. It divides Star Wars: A New Hope into 473 separate, 15-second segments for fans to re-create in the style of their choice. Once you choose your scene on, you are given exactly 30 days to finish it. If you are a Winnipeg filmmaker who loves to make crap-tastic cinema in a short period of time, this project is for you. It would be nice to see a Winnipeg presence in the final version of Star Wars Uncut.


Apparently, there is already a feature length Star Wars fan film made entirely in Winnipeg, Manitoba titled Star Wars: The Evil Within. Here is a synopsis:

The story follows 4 Jedi Knights as they strive to protect an endangered Empress from a mysterious Sith Assassin. The action becomes intense as the Jedi face this threat and help the Empress get her information to the center of the newly formed Galactic Republic, Coruscant. Eventually our heroes must face The Evil Sith Lord Darth Animus and they uncover a plot to destroy the Republic forever. The subtitle The Evil Within is revealed in a stunning plot twist at the end of the movie.

Director Clayton T. Stewart describes the filmmaking process on the Jedi Council Forums:

Although this project was a grueling 3 year process with nearly 100 volunteer cast and crew members and we faced many adversities, the end result will be well worth the many headaches and hassles. Filmed at many locations here in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas and on several custom built sets and green screens we have accomplished the unthinkable.

Finally, here is a trailer for the film:

I am very interested in seeing it. If anyone has a copy let me know.

– Clint Enns


~ by cineflyer on October 28, 2009.

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