90 Second Film Contest Review

Jury Winner
Curtis L. Wiebe’s Score for a Duel. Wiebe never seems to disappoint. His handcrafted films are always incredibly clever and always seem to have the perfect score. This film is no exception. Keep up the good work!

Audience Choice
Brandon & Ed Ackerman’s Save the Alphabet House. Ed & Brandon Ackerman’s 90-second animation had its world premiere as part of an appeal to the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development. Their intended goal is to ensure that their home is not demolished. Show your support and send a letter to 89 Gertie St.

Special Jury Mention for Technical Innovation
Leslie Supnet’s print. The only 16mm film print of the evening. Inspired by Roger Beebe, Supnet applied patterns to clear lead using a laser printer.

Special Jury Mention for Technical Innovation
Andrew Milne & Ming Hon’s Phantasmagoria. Named after a pre-cinema projection show using elaborate set-ups in order to produce “ghosts”. This film was shot using a hand modified 35mm camera allowing time to be substituted for space. Working with dancer Ming Hon, Milne was effectively able to produce the filmic version of slit scan photography. On a side note, this film was shot on 35mm during John Price’s workshop as part of WNDX.

Mark Borowski’s What Can Happen in 90 Seconds. A lo-fi paper cut-out animation exploring some of the horrific and pleasurable events that can occur in 90 seconds.

Clint Enns’ The Value of Nothing. A demonstration/explanation of Camus’ Absurd using found super 8 footage of circus bears transferred to PXL2000.

Brief Observations
Stéphane Oystryk’s FM Youth. This film was probably my personal favorite of the evening. It is enjoyable watching Oystryk evolve as a filmmaker. His last few films definitely have demonstrated that he is one to watch.

Kevin Bacon’s Something Else. Bacon consistently sets the perfect tone and plays with expectations by subverting common cinematic tropes found in horror films.

Ryan Hill’s Sticks to the Wall. Another film subverting common cinematic tropes, this time those found in spaghetti westerns. On another note, it is finally nice to put a face with a name!

Damien Ferland’s Resume. Ferland has commented that this might become part of a larger video series tentatively titled The Trials and Tribulations of Damien Ferland. With better sound recording this video series has serious potential.

Heidi Phillips’ untitled. This video demonstrates a new emotional and stylistic side of Phillips that I have never seen before in her work. A cute & gentle video that allows us to see the world through the eyes of Phillips’ niece.

Matheu Plouffe’s The End or Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. A found footage film connecting the fall of twin towers to a revival in American nationalism. Using this as a starting point, Plouffe reveals an apocalyptic vision, including fascism and the ultimate destruction of our planet, to a couple passively watching television.

Overall, it is wonderful to see over 100 people in the Winnipeg Cinematheque supporting local filmmakers. Furthermore, the overall quality of work was far above average. This screening definitely raised the bar!

– Clint Enns


Film Program:
Brandon & Ed Ackerman – Save the Alphabet House
Kevin Bacon – Something Else
Dave Barber – Playtime
April Barlow – Gimli: A Fire Safe Community
Mark Borowski – What Can Happen in 90 Seconds
John Coutanche – Bendy Boy: Adventures PT. 1
Brad Crawford & Travis Cook – Save As
Clint Enns – The Value of Nothing
Darcy Fehr – Uninhibited
Damien Ferland – Resume
Mike Furnish – Zombie Night in Winnipeg
Andreas Goldfuss – My Apologies
Wesley Grycki – Tattoo Lip
Navjot Heir – Exist Me
Ryan Hill – Sticks to the Wall
Mark Klassen – Pomme de Terror
Andrew Milne & Ming Hon – Phantasmagoria
Kevin Nikkel – Monkey Tea
Stéphane Oystryk – FM Youth
Willis Petti – Sasquatch
Heidi Phillips – untitled
Matheu Plouffe – The End or Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
Nik Poliwko – A Clean Solution
Larisa Segida – Mum
Leslie Supnet – Print
WFG member (anonymous) – Smoke ‘Em if you Got ‘Em
Devon Unrau – Seconds
Curtis L. Wiebe – Score for a Duel


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