Teenage Rampage Series: Bloody Kids

Teen Rampage: Juvenile Delinquents on Film
A series curated and hosted by Kier-La Janisse
Saturday, January 23rd
Stephen Frears’ Bloody Kids (not available in North American on DVD!)
DJ Mod Marty at 3:30pm
Screening at 4pm
Free Admission
Aqua Books – 274 Garry St.

Two restless teens (Derrick O’Connor and Gary Holton) from the South End of London go on a Saturday-night spree. When girls and booze lose their appeal, the boys add murder to their itinerary. A surreal, high-energy film about life and death on the streets, the film has some intelligent social criticism, but its ultra-violent subject matter and unusual visual style caused controversy. The most noteworthy aspect of Bloody Kids may well be its treatment upon release. Considered too bloody for British theatrical exposure, the film went directly to television — an intriguing reversal of the American procedure. Bloody Kids was director Stephen Frears’ second feature.


~ by cineflyer on January 18, 2010.

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