From Dusty with Love: Dusty Springfield screening with live performance by Ingrid Gatin

From Dusty with Love
Exclusive Dusty Springfield screening
with live pre-screening performance by Ingrid Gatin
Friday, January 22 at 6:30
Into the Music
245 McDermot
Free Admission

Dusty Springfield, who was born 70 years ago this year, and died 10 years ago, had a volatile time on this earth. Her personal life was fraught with difficulty. She fought her manic depression with booze and drugs and had to be hospitalized on several occasions. Her love life was confused and unhappy – she had affairs with men and women alike, but preferred the company of her beloved cats. Professionally, her career had its ups and downs. She quit show business for several years because she couldn’t find her passion for performing anymore. When she made her comeback, a lot of her audience didn’t come back to her. It sounds like the sad story of so many great artists. But it wasn’t all in vain. She was able to communicate a level of emotion in her music that few others could even approach. When this blond Irishwoman sang soul music, she sang it like a woman whose heart had been ripped out, when she sang about love she made you see it the way she did, a beautiful dream forever disappearing over the horizon. This show brings you an assortment of music clips featuring Dusty Springfield at her best – and it goes beyond the hits to show her great versatility and power.


~ by cineflyer on January 20, 2010.

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