Am I Losing My Mind? Curated by Jenny Bisch

Am I Losing My Mind?
A short film program curated by Jenny Bisch
Wednesday, January 27 at 7:00PM
Winnipeg Cinematheque
Free Admission

Funny, touching and profound, Jenny Bisch’s selection of independent Canadian short films for the series, Am I Losing My Mind?, explores the way different disorders manifest themselves in life and visual art through the works of independent film and video artists.

Rather than exploring mental illness through documentary-style reportage, the films in this program represent experiences of mental disorder, in an attempt to cut through the stigma and reach toward an empathetic acknowledgement of others’ inner lives. Because independent film and video is so often used to convey internal monologue in painstaking detail, the subject of psychological disorder is frequently touched upon, if not targeted outright in so many works.

Film Selections:

Mothers of Me by Alexandra Grimanis
“‘Mothers of Me is a visually glorious, abstract study in which the filmmaker explores, partly out of fear, the women in her family, their history of insanity and their response to a repressive environment. Through the use of close-ups and fragmented composition we are compelled to participate in her examination.” – Stacey Donen, Toronto International Film Festival

Thirst by Jessica Joy Wise
“Tammy Ballaban wants to leave her mark, to be remembered, to stay safe. So she stops eating. Thirst is an unconventional and beautifully structured meditation about eating disorders, hunger and desire, our need for identity, and control. A sumptuous collage of image and sound reflects the amorphous dialectic between conscious and unconscious drives.” – Lynne Fernie

Park by Leon Johnson
Comic Randy Woods shows how stress makes us stupid.

Argentina by Doug Davidson and Tom Morris
The dispassionate calm of a solitary man is captured with disturbing clarity. The sound and images of Argentina mirror the stoic calm of this lone man.

While you were gone… the sad and embarrassing co-dependent truth by Cam Bush
Pathos and melodrama intersect in this examination of emotional self-sufficiency gone horribly awry. Will our hapless protagonist triumph in his psychological battle with a giant kazoo?

Happiness by Johnson Apetagon
Young artist, Johnson Apetagon, lays bare the crushing inertia of personal depression. Imagery of a frozen road, the view from an apartment at twilight, and an ever-evolving drawing of a tree is layered with a blues soundtrack and the loneliest sound of all, a television left on in the background. Happiness… is an honest look at a young man’s emotional despair. In a looped, recurring voice-over, Apetagon frankly admits, “I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, you know.” Apetagon, who is based in the northern community of Norway House, created this videotape through Video Pool’s Aboriginal Video Scholarship Program.

How to be a Recluse (7 easy steps) by Laurel Swenson
This video depicts the slow process of alienating people until you become a recluse and the ‘benefits’ of reclusivity. A video about wanting to be alone and being lonely — a meditation of the cult of individuality and independence in our anxious world.

This is a Song for Carol by Angie Dueck
Cut-felt animation. A small-town girl adjusts to her new life in the city. She struggles with the family patriarch, her depression, alienation and blossoming alcoholism. Along the way, she blows her student loan and has a musical awakening with the help of Much Music’s City Limits and a New Year’s party where she first hears The Pixies’ Surfer Rosa album. The long road from suburban nightmare to self-actualization begins… Part 1 of Everything Falls Apart.


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