11 on the 12th: New Shorts From the WFG Catalogue

11 on the 12th: New Shorts From the WFG Catalogue
Friday, February 12 at 7:00 PM
Saturday, February 13 at 7:00 PM
Admission $5

Twice a year the Cinematheque is host to a membership screening featuring a selection of the newest short films and videos in distribution at the Winnipeg Film Group. All are welcome!

Tattoo Step by Mike Maryniuk
Temporary Tattoos applied to 35mm for eternity. An energetic conjuring of Manitoban spirits.

Loving the Bomb by Alison Davis
Atomic positive propaganda and historical accounts of nuclear explosions infiltrate the daily existence of a family living in a town supported by atomic bomb production.

Belt Buckle / Quonset Hut by Terry Mialkowsky
A picture and sound love poem to Saskatchewan. Standing firm against the harsh prairie wind and sun, determined and proud: the belt buckle and the quonset hut.

Static by Tyler Funk
A tortured musician trying to cope with the need to create.

Fragments by Kevin Nikkel
An aspiring stained glass apprentice struggles to end her relationship with the master artist of the studio. As she works alone in his absence on a stained glass window, she finds the means to finally provoke a conversation. The conflict forces him to bring closure to their relationship.

Sitka by Olga Zikrata
Memories are awash in a haptic eroticism of film grain.

The Snowbank: a Winnipeg Story by Cindy Murdoch
The Snowbank: a Winnipeg Story tells the tale of a young man’s struggle to make it home safe and sound after a long winter’s night of drinking at the pub.

Maintenance Man by Roger Boyer
A man is released from incarceration and seeks peace working as a maintenance man where he meets a girl who touches his soul.

Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove by Steven Kostanski
In this spectacular sci-fi sequel, the emotionally fractured Trance (Matthew Kennedy) must overcome the demons of his past and once again wage war on the evil spirit of Einstein (Sir Jeremy Gillespie) and his army of laser-wielding ghosts. Together with the ghost of his dead comrade (Conor Sweeney) a rogue cop (Adam Brooks) and a sultry scientist (Meredith Sweeney), Trance must return to Laser Cove and make a final stand against the technologically advanced forces of evil.

IKWÉ by Caroline Monnet
IKWÉ is an experimental film that weaves the narrative of one woman’s intimate thoughts with the teachings of her grandmother, the Moon, creating a surreal narrative experience that communicates the power of thoughts and personal reflection.

Truce by Cam Patterson
A Canadian Captain and a German General come face to face…Both are alone. One has a gun.


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