Daniel Barrow’s No One Helped Me book launch

Daniel Barrow’s No One Helped Me book launch
with a performance of Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry
Tuesday, February 16 at 7:00
aceartinc. (book in advance to avoid disappointment 204 944 9763 | gallery@aceart.org)

aceartinc. cordially invites you to a performance of Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry by Daniel Barrow to celebrate the release of his new art book, No One Helped Me, published by aceartinc. with the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s New Creations Fund. This is a beautifully produced, limited edition, complete with a 7” record (voice by Daniel Barrow, music by Amy Linton; B side by The Ballet) to accompany your page turning. It also contains exclusive essays by Jon Davies and Steven Matijcio. All this for the modest price of $30. Placing an advance order is strongly advised.

Awarded the 2008 Images Prize at its premiere, Daniel Barrow’s newest “manual animation” combines overhead projection with video, music, and live narration to tell the story of a garbage man with a vision to create an independent telephone book chronicling the lives of each person in his city. In the late hours of the night, he sifts through garbage, collecting personal information and then traces pictures of each citizen through the windows of their homes as they sleep. What he doesn’t yet realize is that a deranged killer is trailing him, murdering each citizen he includes in his book, thus rendering his cataloging efforts obsolete. The garbageman is a failed artist who fears becoming subject to the grip of something overwhelming. This animation traces his attempts to slow down and creatively reflect, in a process of coming to terms with his own self-loathing and fear.


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