A 3D Stereoscopic Viewing World

A 3D Stereoscopic Viewing World: A live performance featuring Vladamir and the 3D Vladmaster!
Saturday, March 20 at 7:00PM & 8:30PM
Admission $5
Winnipeg Cinematheque

**Special Thanks to Kier-la Janisse and Big Smash! Productions for the original research and idea.**

Vladamir lives in Portland, Oregon where she projects movies at the Northwest Film Centre and has been hand making and selling her own Vladmaster 3D stereoscopic disks since 2003. Vladmasters are handmade ViewMasterTM reels designed, photographed and hand assembled by Vladamir. They make use of toys, neglected household objects, and odd ephemera to tell 28 picture tales of train chases, missing steam shovels, disastrous dinner parties, and overly adventurous cockroaches. In 2004, she debuted her first 3D performance of the Lucifugia Thigmotaxis at the Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival. Since then she has traveled across the United States and the UK with her performances including shows at the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis, the Flaherty Film Seminar in New York and the Mad Cat Film Festival in San Francisco.

For her 3D Stereoscopic performances in Winnipeg, audience members will be given a 3D viewer and a set of disks, and will then be led through several stories featuring music, narration and sound effects.

Lucifigia Thigmotaxis
Lucifugia means light-fleeing. Thigmotaxis is the need for pressure on all sides of your body in order to feel safe. Together these two words describe the essential nature of the cockroach. Our story concerns the adventures of one such cockroach named Stanley and the events that transpire when he dares to leave the safety of his home behind the refrigerator. Stanley’s story is told on a mini-cd accompanying the reels.

The Public Life of Jeremiah Jones
On March 19, 1992 a recreational airplane flying low over the Cascade foothills noticed an unusual number of orange forms dotting the forest floor. Further investigation revealed 86 earthmoving vehicles idle and overgrown with weeds spread over five acres of forest. The Public Life of Jeremiah Jones is a Vladmaster investigation of this occurrence and the man who may or may not have been responsible for it. The story is told in dioramas built from tiny model railroad men and 55 cent plastic bulldozers. Almost none of the objects are larger than one inch in diameter.

Fear and Trembling
Based on a dinner party as seen from inside the head of someone who probably shouldn’t have come, escape is sought and perhaps found. Oranges and blues dominate the color scheme. Soup and prawns are on the menu. This Vladmaster is narration-less.

Actaeon at Home
Actaeon, to the ancient Greeks, was a hunter unlucky enough to get a good look at Artemis bathing naked amongst her nymphs. For his trespasses, Actaeon was transformed into a stag and then devoured by his own hounds. This Actaeon, may or may not have anything to do with the historical Actaeon. He is a small man in a room with striped wallpaper and antlers and a typewriter and a collection of Currier & Ives prints. Oh, there is also a train chase.


From Uptown Magazine March 18, 2010:

Inside a magic picture box
A 3-D Stereoscopic Viewing World offers a merry alternative to the traditional motion picture

It isn’t merely entertaining for people to wear antlers – it can serve an aesthetically pleasing purpose, too.

For the 2005 showing of her Vladmaster presentation Actaeon at Home, the Portland-based Vladamir had her live band wear antlers, since deer were a major part of the story being told.

The story of Actaeon the hunter is one of the Greek myths, adapted in this case to feature a train chase. And a Vladmaster, by the way, is a handmade View-Master disc, photographed and hand-assembled by Vladamir (who also goes by The Vladmaster).

This and other stories are coming to Winnipeg for the first time for A 3-D Stereoscopic Viewing World, presented by Cinematheque with help from exhibitor Kier-La Janisse of Big Smash! Productions. Other original tales on the varied program are Lucifigia Thigmotaxis, The Public Life of Jeremiah Jones and Fear and Trembling. Each audience member will be given an individual View-Master, but not antlers. “That would be cost-prohibitive,” Vladamir says.

The Vladmaster – the person – started making discs sans soundtracks around 2003. She was soon concocting live music and sound effects to go with the visuals (although the soundtrack for the Winnipeg shows will be pre-recorded.)

“There’s just something magical about seeing a whole other world inside this little device,” she says. “Everyone has their own little private screening room – and yet the experience is simultaneously a shared one.”

One of her favourite moments of any presentation is when there’s a ding! on the soundtrack, to let the audience know it’s time to advance to the next image. The sound of all the View-Masters clicking forward in unison, she says, always makes everyone laugh.

“It’s kind of a weird way to tell a story,” Vladamir says. “But that’s the challenge of it. And there’s something jolly about it, too. It seems to take people back to their childhoods.”

All the stories have a sense of humour, too – even if it’s a little black. There are no real themes, except maybe respect for small things: one story, for example, attempts to humanize the cockroach.

The Vladmaster used to frequent thrift shops to find View-Masters for her shows but now she simply buys them bulk from the company. She also sells them online, along with her discs.

In conclusion, fun is a big part of Vladamir’s equation – even down to her funky showbiz name.

“I like being Vladamir,” she says. “Or The Vladmaster.” Real name? Top secret: “Only if you need it for legal reasons.

“Or if people write me a cheque.”

– Kenton Smith


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