Video Pool Workshops

Digital Video Camera Basics
wtih Pat Krawec‭ ‬
April 3‭ & ‬4‭, ‬7:00pm‭ ‬–‭ ‬10:00pm‭ ‬
$50‭ ‬members‭ $‬60‭ ‬non-members

Gathering good quality images and sound is fundamental for video creation‭. ‬Save yourself time‭, ‬money and heart-ache by getting to know Video Pool‭’‬s cameras‭. ‬Participants explore the basic elements of video production‭ ‬–‭ ‬camera operation‭, ‬technique‭, ‬and some basic lighting and sound recording‭. ‬We will be working with 3‭ ‬of Video Pools most popular‭ ‬cameras and if you have your own bring it along‭ (‬w‭/ ‬charged batteries‭).‬

Clickin‭’ ‬it Old School
with Murray Toews‭ ‬
April 10‭ & ‬11‭, ‬12:00pm‭ – ‬4:30pm‭ ‬
$65‭ ‬members‭ $‬80‭ ‬non-members

Murray Toews‭, “‬Deluxe Artist‭” ‬and senior producer member at Video Pool‭, ‬will delve into the basics of the ancient Amiga‭. ‬What is old will become new again‭! ‬The workshop will explore animation/drawing tools such as DPaint and Brilliance as well as an examination of Amiga low-rez image capture software‭. ‬Working from the stand-point of this early but highly innovative technology‭ – ‬workshop particiants will explore the joy and the agony of retro-technology‭, ‬Amiga style‭!‬

with Heidi Phillips
April 27‭ & ‬28‭, ‬7:00pm‭ – ‬10:00pm
$30‭ ‬members‭ $‬50‭ ‬non-members

Come learn Apple’s new graphics software Motion‭. ‬ This 2D and 3D software allows you to composite your video with special effects or text‭. ‬ Plus it’s super easy‭; ‬all you have to do is drag and drop to send particles exploding through space‭!‬

A Guide to D.I.Y‭. ‬Distribution
with Clint Enns
May 9‭, ‬4:00pm‭ – ‬7:00pm‭ ‬
$10‭ ‬members‭ $‬20‭ ‬non-members

All you wanted to know about sending your films/videos to galleries‭, ‬festivals‭, ‬alternative spaces and microcinemas for very little time and money‭.‬
Things that will be covered in the workshop‭:‬
The role‭ ‬of Video Pool’s distribution department and how to complement it with self distribution‭. ‬ ‭ ‬
How to write a good synopsis and bio‭.‬
Finding appropriate festivals for your films‭ & ‬videos‭.‬
What to include in your festival package‭.‬
Inexpensive shipping practices‭.‬
Artist fees vs‭. ‬Submission fees‭.‬
The consequences of putting your work online‭.‬
The role and importance of online communities‭.‬

Editing 101‭: ‬Editing Basics with Final Cut Pro‭ ‬
Jaimz Asmundson
May 22‭&‬23‭ ‬10:00am‭ – ‬4:00pm‭, ‬May 24‭ ‬6:00pm‭ – ‬10:00pm
$125‭ ‬members‭ $‬150‭ ‬non-members

In this three day‭, ‬lab style workshop‭, ‬participants will learn the basics of editing including‭: ‬setup and interface‭, ‬logging and‭ ‬capturing video‭, ‬editing tools‭, ‬project workflow and aesthics‭, ‬and how to sync sound and image‭. ‬Also‭, ‬participants will be introduced the basics of media management‭, ‬effects and transitions‭, ‬and outputting final projects to tape‭, ‬dvd‭, ‬blu-ray and the web‭.‬

This lab will be delivered via video projector and participants will work at individual editing stations together as pairs‭. ‬Participants are also encouraged to bring their laptops if they are running FCP version 6‭ ‬or higher‭.‬

Le Petit Circuit
with Clint Enns‭ & ‬Andrew Milne
June 5‭&‬6‭, ‬12pm-4pm‭ ‬
$50‭ ‬members‭ $‬65‭ ‬non-members

Covered in this Workshop‭:‬
Soldering Skills
Circuit bending strategies
How to recognize basic components
Bring your own toy or speak and spells will be provided‭ ‬

Video Stories
with Meredith LaRocque
June 15‭&‬16‭ ‬5:00pm‭ – ‬10:00pm
$70‭ ‬members‭ $‬90‭ ‬non-members

Look at video and music in a radically new way‭. ‬Transform your ideas into a live dynamic and colourful performance through creative writing‭, ‬drawing‭, ‬playing‭, ‬experimenting‭ ‬and learning the technical skills to create live video to music‭. ‬Experience blending and mixing video to electronic rhythms and‭ ‬performing it in live party atmosphere‭.‬


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