Winnipeg Film Group Workshops

Basic Filmmaking Workshop
May 4 to June 12, 2010

The Basic Filmmaking Workshop is a series of workshops held over a 5 week period during evenings and some weekends, and provides an intensive introduction to all aspects of independent filmmaking.

All steps and processes are covered from creative conception to the final cut – including the basics of screenwriting, directing, camera operation, lighting, sound and film editing. During the course, participants will be exposed to the process of shooting and editing a short film and short video and will do so as a group.

Experimental Series: A Super 8 Film Demonstration
with John Porter
April 24, 2010

Spend an afternoon with the prolific John Porter, Toronto’s ‘King of Super 8’. Discuss the history, politics, screening opportunities and overall ‘scene’ surrounding the world of alternative film, super 8 style.

John will give a run down on all the super 8 equipment we have. If you have any, bring it! Cameras, projectors, viewers, splicers and film stocks. A great workshop for established and aspiring filmmakers alike.

Experimental Series: One Take Super 8 and Hand Processing
with Andrew Milne
June 6 & 13, 2010

This two-day class will introduce students to the world of in-camera editing as it is utilized by filmmakers for the One Take Super8 Event, as well as basic camera operation and hand processing. Each student will conceive and complete their own 3-minute, in-camera edited Super 8 film and will be provided 2 rolls of film each (one for the workshop and one to take home). All materials and equipment supplied by WFG.

FCP Editing Series: Creative Cutting
with Jaimz Asmundson
June 19, 20 & 21, 2010

Participants wishing to explore the more advanced features and capabilities of Final Cut Pro are encouraged to take this hands-on workshop. This open lab-style workshop will give participants in depth knowledge of colour correction, chroma keying, compositing, titles and motion graphics, keyframing, working with multiple formats and the tricks to make the best of your time while working on your projects. Participants will also be introduced to sister programs such as Soundtrack, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro.

FCP Editing Series: Editing 101
with Jaimz Asmundson
May 22, 23 & 24, 2010

In this three day, lab style workshop, participants will learn the basics of editing including: setup and interface, logging and capturing video, editing tools, project workflow and aesthics, and how to sync sound and image. Also, participants will be introduced the basics of media management, effects and transitions, and outputting final projects to tape, dvd, blu-ray and the web.

Filmmaker Essentials: The Digital Post Production Workflow
with Les Klassen
April 18 & 25, 2010

A two day workshop covering the ins and outs of the digital video workflow from acquisition to export. Learn how to maintain quality throughout the entire production and post-production process. Understand CODECs, frame rates, frame sizes, square vs. non-square pixels and how to export for Vimeo and Youtube and maintain the highest quality. The workshop will also introduce you to software tools that will help you in your post-production workflow.

Filmmaker Essentials: Feminist Shorts for Beginners and Intermediates
with Brenda Longfellow
May 15, 2010

This workshop introduces practitioners to the inspiring range of strategies and techniques of the most provocative international feminist shorts. Combining screening and discussion with the opportunity to design, script and test run a feminist short.

Teen Basic Filmmaking Camp
Session 1: Jul 26-Aug 6
Session 2: Aug 9-Aug 20

This two-week course will give teens (ages 13 – 17) a feel for the various departments involved in a shoot and expose them to the basic components of film and video production.


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