International Distribution from the Programmer’s Perspective

International Distribution from the Programmer’s Perspective
Thursday, April 15 at 2:30PM
Winnipeg Cinematheque

The Toronto-based Images Festival is touring a group of four international film festival and media art programmers across Canada to visit various media art distribution organizations.

As part of the Winnipeg leg of this tour, the Winnipeg Film Group and Video Pool Media Arts Centre will jointly host a Panel Discussion and Q&A with our special guests. This panel is designed to provide insight into international distribution from the programmer’s perspective, including what aspects programmers take into account when making festival selections, and will additionally offer best practice tips for filmmakers and video artists to consider when distributing their independent works.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to connect with international programmers here locally in Winnipeg, and we encourage all local filmmakers, video artists and other interested individuals to attend.

The visiting programmers are:

Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Berlin) – Arsenal: Institute for Film and Video Art
Thomas Beard (New York) – Light Industry
Hangjun Lee (Seoul) – EXiS Experimental Film Festival
Sanja Grbin (Zagreb) – 25 FPS: International Festival of Experimental Film & Video


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