An Art Exhibition Exploring Aboriginal Communities
Urban Shaman
Opening Reception on Friday, April 23 at 8pm

Experimenting with ‘space and place’, award winning director, programmer and editor Kevin Lee Burton (Swampy Cree) and award winning media artist and director Caroline Monnet (Algonquin/French) express their creative research through a collaborative exhibition in the Main Gallery at Urban Shaman: Contemporary Aboriginal Art.

Native people have adapted to the ever-changing world while keeping pride in tact, languages alive, and diverse cultural distinctions. Yet a homogenized and uniform image of Native people remains in the general public eye. In addressing this, Burton’s photographic component of individuals, families and households on God’s Lake are combined with an archival image of Monnet’s great-grandmother and textured birds in flight printed on large format Plexiglass; alongside are Monnet’s video projections of landscapes transforming the gallery environment into a landscape place where her great grandmother might have dwelled. Together, this collective exhibition will extend Urban Shaman into an intimate community – echoing a form of a spiritual space from constructed imagery, sound and effect.


~ by cineflyer on April 8, 2010.

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