Birt Saddlery Art Show

Six artists respond to lack of gallery space!
Thursday, April 29 5:00-10:00PM
Birt Saddlery Building
468 Main St.

Photo by Dave Shaver

It is currently a struggle to find available and affordable gallery space in Winnipeg. These six artists have decided to take matters into their own hands and open the doors of their studio to show their art for one night.

(i) Hope Peterson will be showing large colour prints from her film-in-progress, Sports.

(ii) Sue Gordon’s encaustic paintings describe the varied relationships we have with weather, prairie, memory and horizon.

(iii) Freya Olafson will be showing work created between 2003 – 2008, including paintings / drawing from her New Icelander series.

(iv) Launi Davis Hutchison’s drawings and paintings merge bionics and biology, and examine the processes of decay and death, hope and healing.

(v) Heidi Phillips’ emulsion on canvas prints are pieces from her installation Residual. She will also show photos printed from her own 16MM films.

(vi) Nicole Shimonek’s Coyotes – Environmental Adaptations is a series of small drawings painted in watercolor paint. Her Yellow White City are paintings on brown packing paper with rubber/vinyl.


~ by cineflyer on April 27, 2010.

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