Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 27 from 7PM till 11PM
Exhibition closes June 2, 2010 at 5 pm.
125 Adelaide Street

Feature installation by Murray Toews and Don Rice.
Installation assistance and collaboration Alex Poruchnyk.
Additional Audio by Jay Taylor and Stephen Falk.
Guest artist: Clint Enns

The feature installation Lost in Thought 1.0 is part of a process-driven approach to generating animated works as part of a larger work named Series of Malfunctions.

Lost in Thought – 1.0 involves a process named word/image manufacture. It is an intuitive and fragmentary writer-dialogue between Deluxe Artist Murray Toews and Video artist Don Rice. Using this process, they slowly layer a shared subjective and internal dialogue as they pass through the fictional recesses of a dying mind.

Using the mechanism and facade of the video game, now transformed and mutated, becomes an exploration vehicle of one’s own mortality and poses fundamental questions of existence not uttered in the realm of fast paced, attention distorting video-game playing.

By the continued playing Lost in Thought interactive art-game will make connections in the gallery-users mind to create their own impressions and ideas, thus creating their own subconscious narratives. Gallery-Users will be encouraged to write down their experiences that will act as a guide to edit the interactive work into a complete animation.

On-going Lost in Thought information is available here.

Guest Artist and new work in development:

Clint Enns has built an interface that rests between the realms of code hacking and archaic design.


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  1. This show looks AWESOME!!!!

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