Raspberry Reich

Bruce LaBruce’s Raspberry Reich
with Elise Dawson and Lasha Mowchun’s Confetti.
Rudolph Rocker
91 Albert
Suggested donation $5

Bruce LaBruce’s Raspberry Reich is an experimental mix of comedy, art film and porn. Through this film, Bruce LaBruce comments on modern leftists Germans adopting the culture and politics of radical left wing groups in Germany in the 1970s.

Confetti aims to subvert pornography and deconstruct traditional sexual identities in a radical, sex positive video and performance. Confetti begins with a choice facing the two starlets: what sex, what gender role will I play today? The decisions result in hyper-sexualized, fabricated characters that proceed to re-enact a clichéd hetero-normative display of sex in drag, a crocheted vulva and penis acting as their ultimate gendered accessory. The video eventually breaks down and escapes the much gendered version of sexual experience it depicts, embracing a sexuality which exists outside of defined sexual identities. The film ends with yet another gender role reversal, emphasizing our freedom to choose our own sexuality outside of the constraints society imposes on us.


~ by cineflyer on May 30, 2010.

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