What’s up Vienna! What’s up Montréal!

What’s up Vienna! What’s up Montréal!
Curated by Michaela Grill, Christof Kurzmann and Steve Bates
A two-part, two-city encounter of sound, film and video.

Friday, June 11, 2010 at 7:15
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue
Tickets $12 in advance or $15 at the door
Available at Ticketmaster, Music Trader and the West End.

Tim Hecker with Michaela Grill and Billy Roisz
Didi Bruckmayr

Film Program: Excessive Bodies

Art & Revolution – Ernst Schmidt Jr.
*1 – Albert Sackl
in the mix – Jan Machacek
remote…remote… – VALIE EXPORT
10/65 Self-mutilation – Kurt Kren
my personality hates me! – Didi Bruckmayr, Michael Strohmann

Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 7:30
Urban Shaman
203-290 McDermot Avenue
Doors: 7:30 pm Film/video: 8:00 pm, music to follow
Tickets $10 at the door

Christof Kurzmann and Michaela Grill
Christof Kurzmann and crys cole
dieb 13 with Michel Germain and Martin Brandlymayr

Film Program: The Mystery of Perception

chronomops – Tina Frank
passage à l’acte – Martin Arnold
Outer Space – Peter Tscherkassky
ragtag – Billy Roisz: AVVA 2006, 5 min, video
trans – Michaela Grill, Martin Siewert 2003, 9 min, video
<frame> – [n:ja] 2002, 5 min, video
Arnulf Rainer – Peter Kubelka
Tradition is the Handing on of Fire, Not the Worship of Ashes – Gustav Deutsch

What’s up Vienna! What’s up Montréal! is an multimedia event meant to explore expanded notions of working with sonic materials and was co-curated by Steve Bates, the founder and ex-director of the send + receive festival, and Austrian video and sound artists Michaela Grill and Christof Kurzmann. This event was also made possible with support from the Austrian Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.


From Uptown Magazine June 10, 2010

It’s a visual and aural assault!
Over a dozen artists will descend on the city this weekend for What’s Up Vienna! What’s Up Montreal! A Two-Part, Two-City Encounter of Sound, Film & Video

“Performers from Austria — this is something unique for Winnipeg,” says send + receive artistic director crys cole about the upcoming What’s Up Vienna! What’s Up Montreal! A Two-Part, Two-City Encounter of Sound, Film & Video on June 11 and 12.

Over a dozen film/video artists will showcase their work during the two-day Winnipeg What’s Up series, and each night will feature performances by sound artists, collective units and collaborations.

Radian, Tim Hecker, Michaela Grill & Billy Roisz and Didi Bruckmayr will perform after a group of video/film artists at the West End Cultural Centre on June 11.

Christof Kurzmann and Michaela Grill, NTSC and crys cole (with Kurzmann), and dieb 13 and Martin Brandlmayr with Mike Germain will perform at Urban Shamanon June 12.

“This is a great opportunity for us. We’re going to have a mini version of send + receive outside of the normal festival time,” says cole.

“The project came about through the (currently ongoing) Festival Suoni per il Popolo in Montreal. Basically, the curators — Michaela Grill, Christof Kurzmann (s+r creator), Steve Bates (Greg MacPherson’s band, ex-XOXO, Bulletproof Nothing) — put the project together as a collaboration between Montreal and Vienna artists. We’re lucky to have it here.

“Both nights begin with the video/film artists. It’s amazing. It’s all stuff you would never get to see otherwise,” cole adds.

“The Friday night is the more accessible gig. Radian from Vienna is definitely in a post-rock vein, and Hecker (Montreal) has a certain musicality to his work — it’s all laptops and he uses all kinds of sources. Michaela Grill and Billy Roisz are video artists from Austria who are collaborating with Hecker, and Didi Bruckmayr is a very unique performance artist, but his work is quite pop — the most accessible,” cole says.

The second night of What’s Up Vienna! What’s Up Montreal! features Winnipeg sound artists such as Mike Germain and cole jamming/collaborating with Austrian artists for the first time. This improvisational eve should excite even the most jaded s+r fan, and it might just be the perfect starting point for anyone who has ever been curious about send + receive but didn’t have the proper push to go. Now… just… go! Receive it! U R now sent!

“Christof Kurzmann is a sound artist who will be collaborating with Michaela Grill, and there’s NTSC. I’m really excited about this trio: Martin Brandlmayr is the drummer from Radian, dieb 13 is a turntablist, and Mike Germain (Greg MacPherson’s band, ex-Absent Sound, Hummers, XOXO, Mikimoto, Breath Grenades, Banned from Atlantis) is using cymbals with contact microphones, resonating frequencies which are beautiful to hear and beautiful to see,” says cole, before describing what she does when she adds herself as a performer to the What’s Up mix.

“I’m always a free improviser,” cole says.

“That’s my area of comfort. I improvise basically with contact microphones and internal mixing-board feedback.

“I’ll bring objects just on a whim. I only prepare so much, and I kind of respond to the room. I call myself a sound artist. That’s the best way to describe it. I’m never making beats — nothing musical. It’s abstract and it’s pure sound.”

Of her scheduled collaboration with Kurzmann on June 12, cole has this to say:

“We’ve haven’t played together before, so we’ll probably do something very quiet. Christof is quite delicate in his approach. I think we’ll compliment each other quite well.”

– Don Beat

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