TV Carnage

TV Carnage Screening
Friday, June 18 at 9PM
The Royal Albert Arms
48 Albert Street

Plus Mama Cutsworth!

There’s a long story behind this show becoming a reality that involves plumes of pot smoke in a Fargo, ND basement several years ago when I was first exposed to the awful magic that is known as TV Carnage. Years later, Pinky has accepted an invitation I extended long, long ago to travel to Winnipeg to share some of that magic with our city.

TV Carnage‘s mastermind Pinky, aka Beau Derrick, doesn’t simply string bizarre clip one after another – a TV Carnage DVD is a journey. Each installment is a mating session of the very worst of what television and film have to offer – and the result is pure hilarity.

Recently expanding his resume of five very, very funny DVDs, Pinky has gone on to direct music videos for the likes of Electric Six, Islands and Crystal Castles, as well as completing a pilot for Adult Swim entitled Totally For Teens. He is currently doing a tour to promote his most recent masterpiece Let’s Work It Out – an all fitness entry into the TV Carnage canon.

~ by cineflyer on June 15, 2010.

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