La Commune (Paris 1871)

Peter Watkins’ La Commune (Paris 1871)
Sunday, July 18 at 1PM
Free screening + discussion with food

Beginning at 1PM, La Commune will be screened in two parts with a break around 4PM to eat food together and share thoughts and ideas. La Commune is a meticulously researched opening up of the events surrounding the Paris uprising of 1871. With a cast of non-professional actors presenting themselves to us in and out of character, and using the device of a television news crew to guide us through the unfolding narrative, La Commune is a meditation on the presentation and reproduction of histories, of ‘events’. At once arresting for its engagement of audience and actors, for its interrogation of process and mediation, La Commune is radical social cinema.

Watkins cinema provokes a serious questioning of society, be it the breakdown of humanity in The War Game, its pop lunacy in Privelage, its clinging to democratic legalities in Punishment Park, or its overturning in La Commune. Bring food to share with a mind open to present day sites of insurrection and to the issues the film raises.


~ by cineflyer on July 4, 2010.

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