Keepers of the Earth curated by Michelle Latimer

Keepers of the Earth: First Nations Women Directors
Curated and introduced by Michelle Latimer
Thursday, August 5 at 7:30PM
Winnipeg Cinematheque
100 Arthur Street
Free Admission

Now, more than ever before, Indigenous, female filmmakers worldwide are reclaiming the medium of film as an essential storytelling tool. In the past decade alone, great strides have been made in contemporary, Aboriginal cinema, creating opportunities for emerging, women directors to realize their vision. Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, critically lauded for its undeniable authenticity: remarkable stories being told from the inside out. And, yet, it remains a tenuous path that female filmmakers must forge. The presence of Aboriginal women directors within the film industry is still disproportionately small, and it can be exceptionally challenging for those rising within the craft. For this reason, it’s important to celebrate the emerging women who persevere with tremendous vision to enrich the creative renaissance that is Aboriginal cinema. In this spirit of celebration, all of the films you will see within this program have been directed, written and/or produced by emerging, First Nations women.

Within this work you will find reflected a playful exploration of feminine sexuality, the nuanced complexities of motherhood, and an intuitive acknowledgement of life and loss. In their own unique way, each of these films bridge the divide of gender and politics to reveal the profound human bond that connects us all.

– Michelle Latimer

Film Program:

La Recontre (The Meeting) – Marie-Ève Aster
Rethinking Anthem – Nadia Myre
Love on the Street – Kerry Potts
Postscript – Shannon Letandre
Empty – Jacqueline Traverse
Kir Otci Ntcotco (For You, Mom) – Mariana Niquay-Ottawa
Le Reve D’une Mere (A Mother’s Dream) – Marie-Eve Grignon
eu•tha•na•sia – Jani Lauzon
Tomorrow – Michelle Latimer
Honey For Sale – Amanda Strong
Savoiur Complex – Ariel Smith
Canned Meat / Immobilized – Terril Calder
Lady Raven – Christiana Latham
The Visit – Lisa Jackson

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