WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art 2010

Thursday, September 30 – Sunday, October 3
Winnipeg Cinematheque, Platform Gallery, The Black Lodge and The Gas Station Theatre
* Festival Pass $20 ($15 students and seniors)
* Single Screening Ticket: $8 ($6 students and seniors)
* One Take Super 8 Event: $5 all admissions

Every year WNDX makes an effort to showcase some of the “most innovative and ground-breaking work by Canadian filmmakers and video artists, with a special focus on the work of Manitoba and prairie artists” and each year I believe that they have accomplished this task successfully. This year, once again, is no exception.

Every year since its conception in 2006, my girlfriend and I have made every effort to attend all of the screenings. Three of the reasons I look forward to WNDX each year is:
i) excellent programming
ii) the feeling of belonging to the small but quite wonderful experimental film community in Winnipeg
iii) the fringe filmmakers who attend each year as guests. (past guests include: John Kneller, Brett Kashmere, Steve Reinke, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Alex MacKenzie, Pim Zwier, Gerald Saul, John Price, Philip Hoffman, Tasman
Richardson & RKO).

This years special guests include George Kuchar, Malena Szlam Salazar & Barbara Sternberg!

I am looking forward to attending all of the screenings again this year.

Here is the schedule in a nutshell:

Thursday, September 30, 7PM: New Prairie Cinema: A Whole New World

Warchild by Caroline Monnet
Phantasm by Andrew Milne & Ming Hon
Somatic by Kelsey Braun
Return To You by Cam Woykin
Self Improvement by Clint Enns ** 2010 Jury Honourable Mention **
How To Care For Introverts by Leslie Supnet
The Importance of Being Earnest by Divya Mehra
Down(town)time by Steve Loft
Hello, Calgary by Anne Koizumi & Travis Murphy
Whatzhizname by Murray Toews
Big Bad Baby Brain by L. Bruce Robertson
Dead Meat by Clark Ferguson ** 2010 Jury Prize: Best Prairie Work **
Hirsch by Noam Gonick
Scenes from a Secret World by Amalie Atkins
Dead Ringer by Mike Maryniuk

Thursday, September 30, 9PM: Live Performance of Sontiainen: Doreen Girard & Julia Ryckman

Friday, October 1, 5PM: International Experimental: The Poetics of Space

Dromosphere by Thorsten Fleisch
The Indeserian Tablets 1-12 by Peter Rose
Home, Sweet Home by Hsin-Wei Chen
Inside Out/Side One by Matt Meindl
L’eau, l’air et les songes by Cécile Ravel
Notturno by Mauro Santini
Golden Hour by Robert Todd
28.IV.81 (Bedoin Spark) by Christopher Harris
Glitch Telemetry by Maria Niro
From One’s Silence to Other’s by Panu Johansson & Annika Rapo ** 2010 Jury Prize: Best International Work **

Friday, October 1, 7PM: Barbara Sternberg Respective 1: Film Work

After Nature
Like a Dream that Vanishes

Friday, October 1, 9PM: George Kuchar Program 1: Getting to Know George

Hold Me While I’m Naked
Electrocute Your Stars (by Marie Losier)
Lovers of Eternity
Art Space
Route 666
Calorie Cottage

Friday, October 1, 11PM: George Kuchar Program 2: Filmy Sex & Mayhem

Unstrap Me
One Night a Week

Saturday, October 2, 1PM: Lost Spaces

The Other Face of Time by Anca Matyiku
A Re-enactment of Events by Rhayne Vermette
Odeon by Michael Maksymiuk
Space Replaced by Andy Puiatti
Dazed or Confused by Shaun Cummins
The Lost of Chinatown by Zhi Yong Wang
How Far is it to Expo 2010? by Zhang Hong
3 Minutes in Beijing by Kevin Kelly
Boomtown by Clark Ferguson

Saturday, October 2, 3PM: Chronogram of Inexistent Time: Installation Opening & Artist Talk by Malena Szlam Salazar

Saturday, October 2, 5PM: Barbara Sternberg Respective 2: Video Work


Saturday, October 2, 7PM: Canada Avant Garde: Cine-Adrenaline

Perceptual Subjectivity by Phillipe Leonard
VILLE MARIE by Alexandre Larose ** 2010 Jury Prize: Best Canadian Work **
Refraction Series by Chris Gehman
Action: Study by Richard Kerr
Lola by Mike Rollo
Extrants 1 by Marik Boudreau
Hydromorphone 8mg by François Miron
Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis by Daïchi Saïto

Saturday, October 2, 9PM: George Kuchar Program 3: Tornadoes & Travelogues

Weather Diary 3
Burrito Bay
Rocky Interlude
Weather Watch

Sunday, October 3, 1PM: It Came From Kuchar: A documentary about George Kuchar by Jennifer M. Kroot

Sunday, October 3, 3PM: Unholy Alliance: George Kuchar & Guy Maddin in Conversation

Sunday, October 3, 5PM: Canada Avant Garde: The View from Here

amalpais by Chris Kennedy
Tungijuq by Felix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphael
Roundabout by Peter Byrne
bio [feed] back by Crystal Melville
Rachki by Kandis Friesen
Collagist by Amy Lockhart
Everybody by Steve Reinke
Her Sugar Is? by Dana Claxton
Solar Paludism by Lamashtu
Wandering Through Secret Storms by Christina Battle

Sunday, October 3, 8PM: One Take Super 8 Event
Films by:
Leslie Supnet, Clint Enns, Matt Webber, Noam Gonick, Mike Maryniuk, Gwen Trutnau, Ryan Simmons, Matheu Plouffe, Stacy Billingsley, Karen Asmundson, Les Klassen, Matthew Sodomsky, Heidi Phillips, Aaron Zeghers, Pina Robinson, Fernando Dalayoan, Kevin Bacon, Stephan Reckseidler, The Terrible Friends, Mike Campbell, Sonya Ballantyne, Scott Fitzpatrick, Coral Aiken, Cecilia Araneda, Kristen Andrews, Hope Peterson, Damien Ferland, Darcy Fehr, Bryan Verot

– Clint Enns


WNDX Turns Five!

For those us around since the very beginning – Solomon Nagler and myself – it’s actually been six years in the making. Along with the two other festival founders, Walter Forsberg and Carole O’Brien, we believed that it was absolutely imperative that a festival like WNDX come to exist in Winnipeg.

Film festivals introduce new works to the greater community, giving attention to films and filmmakers that might otherwise go unnoticed. For WNDX, our priority from day one has been to provide attention to independent and experimental works. These are the works for which Winnipeg is nationally and internationally recognized, and yet there had never been a festival in Winnipeg which provided them with a serious home before WNDX. As a result, the work of many Winnipeg filmmakers – expecially those filmmakers who emerged in the 1990’s and 2000’s – had simply gone unnoticed here at home, waiting for screenings in other provinces and countries to provide them with recognition and acclaim.

Aside from the original four founders, WNDX has been propelled by the support of a few other key individuals: Jaimz Asmundson, who joined our programming collective just before our first festival; Alex Rogalski, who also eagerly jumped on the WNDX ride just before the first festival, calmly resolving grave technical problems our very first year so the One Take Super 8 Event show could go on; Leslie Stafford, who helped introduce WNDX to the broader Winnipeg community, which had never quite seen a festival like ours before; and the staff of the Winnipeg Film Group, who from year one have gone out of their way to support the festival on a largerly voluntary basis.

WNDX also owes a debt of gratitute to the Canada Council for the Arts, for its vital support of our festival from the very beginning.

Five years ago, I billetted Alexandre Larose, a Quebec filmmaker, at my house for his first trip to WNDX. For him, WNDX stayed true to the filmmaking identity for which Winnipeg is known in other provinces and internationally – a place where innovation and new approaches will always have a home. A full circle is drawn in year five, as in 2010 Larose becomes the first recipient of the newly created WNDX jury prize for Best Canadian Work, for his film VILLE MARIE.

Unlike the anonymous nature of some of the festivals in larger centres, WNDX is a very personal experience. Even as our audiences numbers and out of town guests increase each year, we strive to keep WNDX an experience where everybody can connect intimately with the idea of innovation in moving image art.

We hope you enjoy our festival.

Cecilia Araneda
WNDX President & Co-Founder

~ by cineflyer on August 3, 2010.

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