Nuit Blanche: Film & Video Programs

Nuit Blanche: Film & Video Programs
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Various Times and Locations

Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner:
∇kkvlt Nłgh‡ I: Prłsm Bre∆k.
11pm – 7am (42 Albert St.)

An evening of psych gems and visual atrocities.

DJs: Travis Cole, Fletcher Pratt, DJ Aubrey Beardsley, Chris Jacques, Rob Vilar, Damien Ferland.
VJs: Clint Enns, Leslie Supnet, Doreen Girard, Hope Peterson, Ryan Simmons, Aaron Zeghers, Les Klassen, Irene Bindi.
Live Music: Kram Ran + TBA

Wiinnipeg Film Group:
Chorma-Dance: Eleven Experimental Shorts
8:30pm(The Cube)

The eXperimental Improv Ensemble (under the direction of Gordon Fitzell) will perform new live soundtracks to accompany shorts by Winnipeg filmmakers.

412222 by Robert Pasternak
Sitka by Olga Zikrata
Zoorooks by Irene Bindi
Going going gone by Carole O’Brien
perhaps/We by Solomon Nagler
I Dream of Driftwood by Matthew Rankin
Revival by Heidi Phillips
Chroma-dance by James Pomeroy
Malaguena by Coral Aiken
Odin’s Shield Maiden by Guy Maddin
The Great Divide by Bryan Besant

90 Second Quickie Film Screening
10:00pm(Portage & Main)

The 90 second quickie film contest is a call to create a 90 second (or shorter) film. Participating films will be shown as part of Nuit Blanche on the 35′ by 13′ screen at Portage and Main.

Welcome To Winnipeg – Deco Dawson
School Days – Caroline Monnet
Graffiti Box – Andreas Goldfuss
Lemonade, Egg Rolls, Vote – Fernando Dalayoan
Robot Adventures On Planet Earth – Curtis L. Wiebe & Marlon Wiebe
Wired – Tyler Funk
Bottoms Up – Dylan Baillie, Jesse Hamel, Darren Marrese, Kyle Morris, Noah Sinclair, Simon Tymm, & Luka Wesley
Rhythmus 25 – Clint Enns
How To Ice Fish – Mike Maryniuk
Tristeza – Fabio Marabotto
Do The Blubb – Jaimz Asmundson
Kyoto Morning, Water – Kevin Nikkel
Waves – Heidi Phillips
Drowning London – Su Rynard
Erbach On My Sac – Darcy Fehr
What’s Up Zombie – Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell
Ode To Bruce Chatwin – Sky Fairchild-Waller
Book Clubs – Mark Klassen
Paranoia By Numbers – Mark Borowski
Exchange – Colin Boulet, Allee Feduniw-Bruni, Félix Lagimodière-Grisé, & Tanner Trudnik
Dances With Wolves By Nea – North End Arts
The Juggler – Gregory Zbitnew
Exploit All Men – Aaron Zeghers & Sit Down Tracy
Pixel Sapien – Sasha Nelson
Memory And Desire – Claro Cosco
Symbiosis – Laura Payne
Death – Anonymous
Eating Strawberries – Grey Muldoon & Claro Cosco
The Crusher – Brandon Ackerman & Chris Curpin
Counting To 100 (Digits) – Sandi Hartling
Introducing The Fox – Rhayne Vermette
Train Arriving In Thicket Portage – Johnny North
The Days Of Blinding Fear – Randall Okita & Darcy Van Poelgeest
The Whack Hack – J.d. Renaud
Happy, Funny, Yucky – Zip R Head
Flyers – Ian Campbell & Paul Atkins
Fungus Light – Daniel Hrishkewich
It’s Over – Fabian Velasco
Dead Girl – Scott Fitzpatrick

My Winnipeg
Midnight(Portage & Main)

Named one of Roger Ebert’s top ten films of the decade, Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg is a film no Winnipegger should dare miss, especially when it is presented on Winnipeg’s most famous street corner.

“Guy Maddin’s films are like a silent movie dreaming it can speak. No frame of his work could be mistaken for anyone else’s. He combines documentary, lurid melodrama, newsreels, feverish fantasies and tortured typography into a form that appears to contain urgent information. His sound tracks are sometimes clear narration, sometimes soap opera, sometimes snatches that seem heard over a radio from long ago and far away. The effect is hypnotic.” – Roger Ebert, excerpted from The Best Films of the Decade by Roger Ebert, December 2009

WallBalls ClusterBuster
7:30pm – 12am (2nd floor – 125 Adelaide St.)
Performance at 10:00pm – 12am

Cluster is a new Winnipeg contemporary music and integrated arts festival occurring annually in March.

Created by local young composers Luke Nickel and Heidi Ugrin, Cluster presents programming that is unapologetic in innovation and provocation; unrelenting in its optimism and integrity. Cluster presents two dynamic interactive activities:

WallBalls – interactive – electronic sound playground – smart tabletop – instant improvisation -group fun or fly solo – stimulating soundscapes – build and destroy (created by Grant Partridge)

Fractal Fracas! – wiimote like you’ve never seen before – shifting fractal images – multiple projections – harmonic matrix – total insanity (created by Daryn Bond).

Come and try your hand at these exciting aural activities, or sit back and listen to the electric sound of human interaction and collaboration.

La Maison des Artistes:
Films by Stéphane Oystryk
11:30pm (219 Provencher Boulevard)

Fille Rêve
FM Youth

Winnipeg Art Gallery:
Wanda Koop: On the Edge of Experience
7pm(Main Gallery)
Performances at 8:45 and 11pm.

Public opening and premiere of Hybrid Human, a contemporary dance performance incorporating Koop’s paintings, video projections, and the choreography of Jolene Bailie, set against a sound piece by Susan Chafe and lighting design by Hugh Conacher.

Cult Film Classics
11:30pm-5am(Muriel Richardson Auditorium)

Alice in Wonderland by Norman Z. McLeod
A humdrum afternoon turns into a surrealist nightmare, as Alice passes through the looking glass to discover an exceedingly strange and sometimes creepy land behind the mirror. One of the most bizarre, and zany film versions of Alice in Wonderland, this classic from 1933 includes a wonderful cameo by Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle.

Brazil by Terry Gilliam
A film of longstanding cult status, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is a masterpiece of Orwellian satire about a low-level bureaucrat living in a deeply dystopian society. Starring Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Robert de Niro, Ian Holm, Bob Hoskins.

Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly
A more recent cult favorite, Donnie Darko is a psychological thriller about a teenage boy who is menaced by apocalyptic visions featuring a rabbit named Frank.

Gr8. Bits Show 1.2
12am-4am(Skylight Gallery)
Winnipeg media artist mrghosty (Skot Deeming) presents a live interactive media art installation based on the culture and aesthetic of video games. The exhibit, which occurs on one night only and as part of Nuit Blanche at the WAG, will feature live interactive works by Winnipeg artists Murray Toews, Cut Stickens, Andrew Milne, Rylaan Gimby and mrghosty. All artists will be in attendance to showcase their work.

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