mrghosty and TEAM 20XX present:
Saturday, February 5 at 9PM
the LoPub
330 Kennedy St
Admission $5

A night of chiptune/ 8 bit music (and dancing!!!), retro arcade games and prizes!

The evening will feature chiptune/ 8 bit DJ sets by:
DeActiVision!!!! (aka cut stickens)
Bit Cadet!!!! (aka trrrl)
decade forward!!! (mrghosty’s dj project)

and 8 bit/video game themed visuals by:
clint enns
mrghosty + you (using his DDR VJ controllers you can dance and help create the visuals!)

An indie and retro arcade featuring:
1942!!! PANG!!! Zero Team U.S.A!!!! Tetris!!!!
Lost mario games that were only released in Japan and Korea!!
The Winnitron 1000!!!
Neil Armstrong Moonwalk game by Project Whitecard!!!!
A mint condition vintage VECTREX machine courtesy of SZOLDIER!!

Dance, eat and play at Winnipeg’s first ever chiptune and arcade night!!!!


~ by cineflyer on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “DATA DANCE!! LEVEL 1!”

  1. This looks sooooo gooooooood!

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