Home Movies: Roy and McHardy

Roy and McHardy | And Now, Back To Our Regular Scheduled Programming…
Introduced by curator J.J. Kegan McFadden
Saturday, December 11 at 7PM
PLATFORM 100 Arthur Street

The final screening included in Home Movies is by Vancouver-based duo Roy and McHardy, more well-known singularly as Marina Roy and Natasha McHardy. Their collaborative efforts have amounted to an investigation into domestic pedagogy, or the transfer of knowledge within the home setting. Adopting two sets of different personae, the team filmed quirky takes on televisions shows of the home network variety, one on cooking (as Boucher and Cacciatore) and the other on interior design (as George and Jorge). The elements of grace normally associated with such efforts are lost and what we are left with is a fantasy more real and identifiable because of this failure.


Boucher and Cacciatore
George and Jorge


From Uptown Magazine December 9, 2010

Roy and McHardy cook their own goose
Is the pair too sweet to critique the ‘Tasty Dish’ paradigm of television cooking show hosts?

Some of you may know that I was recently struck down with pneumonia. Some of you may also know that the best medicine for such a condition is television that allows me to engage in the chores of domesticity without having to perform them myself.

Vancouver-based duo Marina Roy and Natasha McHardy enact the ambiguous pleasures of domesticity peppered with an undercurrent of resentment and egomania endemic to lifestyle television.

In one video, the ladies assume the foodie alter egos of Boucher and Cacciatore to prepare a large turkey. As George and Jorge, the girls use male drag to infiltrate the surprisingly masculine domain of home decor programming. Unfortunately, when I inserted my preview disc of this video, my computer alerted me to the fact that it was a blank, so I won’t be able to comment upon this piece. Hopefully a working copy is available for the Home Movies screening on Dec. 11. Together titled Back to Our Regular Scheduled Programming…, these two videos will be the final instalment in PLATFORM’s “investigation into peripheries of the domestic.”

McHardy and Roy’s faux cooking show is actually crammed with useful information — cook a turkey for 12 to 15 minutes per pound, don’t tightly pack the cavity with stuffing or it may become infested with bacteria, etc. Rather than pecking irritatingly at the margins of the domestic, Roy and McHardy wade into its midst in this, perhaps too unproblematic, re-enactment. Purposely oddball touches, such as a scene in which McHardy and Roy appear as their husbands discussing their wives’ cooking and eating habits while waiting for dinner to be served, fail to disrupt the iconic structure of the cooking show.

Popular culture’s ability to absorb critique is well-documented; for instance, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain staged a cooking show on a recent episode of No Reservations, demonstrating the deliberately titillating strategies of such programs — shots of the female host’s heaving bosom as she mixes vigorously, sucking batter off of a finger while gazing sexily into the camera lens and whispering dirty-sounding epithets such as “unctuous flesh.”

Boucher and Cacchiatore are at least as entertaining and informative as any host of mainstream lifestyle programming. In this way, the project may leave one feeling as I did after another recent Home Movies presentation of AKA Nikki S Lee: still waiting for the punch line.

– Sandee Moore


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