INCITE! Issue #2 Now Available

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media & Radical Aesthetics
Issue #2: Counter-Archive

Winnipeg content includes an article on Prairie Landfill Surrealist Mike Maryniuk by Dave Barber, Notes on 1919 by Noam Gonick – 1919 is also included on the DVD – and an interview with Cory Arcangel by Walter Forsberg.

Other contributors include: Simon Aeppli, Jo SiMayala Alcampo, Cory Arcangel, Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane, Nicola Bergstrom and Valdemar Lindekrantz, Michael Betancourt, Aleesa Cohene, Bruce Conner, Amelia Does, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, I LOVE PRESETS, Brett Kashmere, Bryan Konefsky, Evan Meaney, Jason Orman, Julie Perini, Jenny Perlin, Tasman Richardson, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, Brittany Shoot, Ryan Tebo, Bart Testa, Cat Tyc, William C. Wees, and Philip Widmann.

Edition of 300.
Designed by Eliza Koch.
120 pages with DVD, $12 USD plus shipping.
Orders can be placed on the INCITE! website or you can download issue #2 for free here.


~ by cineflyer on November 29, 2010.

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