Bad Lit Vs. Winnipeg

It is clear that Mike Everleth’s Bad Lit: Journal of Underground Film has become a hub for experimental and underground film. Recently, Everleth has started curating articles from film blogs and websites in his Underground Film Links, an essential read for those trying to stay in the loop. Furthermore, by providing screening histories of various festivals (including $100 Film Festival, FLEX Fest, PDX Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, etc.) it allows cinephiles the chance to see (and attempt to track down) what is playing outside of their own town.

Despite the fact that Winnipeg is small town, Bad Lit has written many articles about the films from our community. This post is an attempt to document some of the articles written to date and an attempt to express my gratitude to Mike in print/loop form. Thank you Mike for keeping us in the loop!

February 18, 2011
Short Horror Film: The Last Harvest

January 11, 2011
The Magus

January 2, 2011
Short Film: Luster

October 13, 2010
Clint Enns: Spider-Man Vs. Macrovision

September 23, 2010
2010 WNDX Festival Of Film And Video Art: Official Lineup

August 19, 2010
Music Video: Goths! On The Bus! By Karen & Jaimz Asmundson

June 27, 2010
Noam Gonick: No Safe Words

May 1, 2010
2010 Plastic Paper: Official Lineup

March 19, 2010
Guy Maddin Wins Best Experimental Short Award At 2010 SXSW

February 10, 2010
Winnipeg Film Group: New Shorts From the WFG Catalogue

December 23, 2009
It’s Good To Be Matthew Rankin

November 24, 2009
AceArtInc: Guy Maddin’s The Little White Cloud That Cried

October 4, 2009
2009 WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art: Official Lineup

May 14, 2009
4 Videos In 4 Days: Day Four

April 24, 2009
Heavy Metal Parking Lot Gets Animated

April 14, 2009
Canada: Land Of Lucifer

April 7, 2009
Lucifer: Patron Saint Of Cell Phone Videos?

March 9, 2009
The Art Of Disaster

October 2, 2008
2008 WNDX Festival Of Film And Video Art: Official Lineup

September 12, 2007
2007 WNDX Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

October 1, 2006
2006 WNDX Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup


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  1. Like wow. I’m honored!

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