Horror Vérité curated by Ulysses Castellanos & Theo Pelmus

Horror Vérité curated by Ulysses Castellanos & Theo Pelmus
Friday, March 26, 2011 at 8:00PM
Atomic Centre
167 Logan Ave (at Martha St.)
Pay What You Can

**Screening to be followed by performances by Ulysses Castellanos and Jessica Evans**

Horror Vérité showcases works that combine horror movie and documentary film aesthetics, exploring the dichotomy between the “real” and the “unreal”. In today’s world, we have learned to equate the low-definition immediacy of YouTube videos with “reality”, while documentaries sometimes use images from real life more horrific than horror films. Yet, documentaries and horror films are both fabricated products, composed of images arranged and intended to elicit a response. How are we to know what is real? By blurring the line between reality and artifice, the horror film presents us with a reality that is terrifying, implying that similar events could just as easily happen to us. Danger is imminent.


Death Match by Jorge Lozano
Watch My Back by Jorge Lozano
Transference by Jorge Lozano
Idle by Jorge Lozano
Satanistic Concepts by Zorica Vasic
Camp B by Zorica Vasic
Neuter by Zorica Vasic
Shooting Range by Zorica Vasic
Brent’s Woundrous Balls by Jennifer Matotek
Screaming Head in Space by Jubal Brown
Teletubbies Rising by Jubal Brown
Untitled (Putting on The Ritz) by Jubal Brown
Fame Fame promotional spot by Jubal Brown
Halloween by Jubal Brown
Richard K Laughing in Hell by Jubal Brown
Wedding Dress by JP


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