The Road Ended at the Beach, and Other Legends: Part 3 Curated by Brett Kashmere

The Road Ended at the Beach, and Other Legends: Presence and Absence Curated by Brett Kashmere
Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 2:00 PM
Winnipeg Cinematheque

Introduced by Chris Gehman

Part 3: Presence and Absence

Personal explorations, exhumed family histories, and counter-narratives: Part three of The Road Ended at the Beach and Other Legends turns further inwards, gathering subjective interventions with the past, small monuments for the departed, and reflection on the elusive nature of moving images. Loss, mourning, and remembrance weigh heavily here. Beginning with Mike Cartmell’s enigmatic, invented etymology of the self, In the Form of the Letter ‘X’, several of these films employ stylized treatments and formal manipulation–via hand-processing, superimposition, optical printing–to mine the gap between reality and representation. Also prevalent is the use of first person voice-over to grapple with the pain of looking back and to give expression to the silences of history and memory. Marian McMahon’s Nursing History, Gary Popovich’s Elegy,and Steve Sanguedolce’s Sweetblood revisit painful episodes from the filmmakers’ pasts to find meaning and comfort in the present, while Sarah Abbott’s Froglight and Janis Cole’s Shaggie: Letters from Prison tender contrasting approaches to the process of memorialization. The program concludes with Mike Hoolboom’s (nearly) image-less White Museum, which speaks to an uncanny truth of photographic media: that images always point towards people, places, things that are not there. This notion of presence and absence joins the work in this program, which attempts to manifest what is unseen in plain sight, making the private public, the invisible visible.


In the Form of the Letter “X” by Mike Cartmell
Nursing History by Marian McMahon
Froglight by Sarah Abbott
Elegy by Gary Popovich
Sweetblood by Steve Sanguedolce
Shaggie: Letters from Prison by Janis Cole
White Museum by Mike Hoolboom


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