Robert Brown and the Manitoba Board of Film Censors

Dear Sir,

Your refusal to allow the University of Manitoba to show Kiss by Andy Warhol represents an attitude prevalent 200 years before the birth of the motion picture. I hope your mores do not extend to other art forms. Do you allow reproductions of Rodin’s Kiss statue to circulate?

If today’s filmmakers, painters, writers, etc. had to meet you standards we would be at a point of development which would be rotting with age.

I hope your provience and your country get abreast of the times, or even at a point at least where the rest of the continent was 100 years ago. Meanwhile you have suppressed a harmless, but important film which by its simplicity is an intense visual experience, from the eyes of hundreds of college students who are curious enough to spend an evening seeing New American Cinema.


Robert K. Brown


For more info see Jonas Mekas and the Manitoba Board of Film Censors.


~ by cineflyer on March 24, 2011.

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