Bands Vs. Filmmakers: A Concert To Support the Cinematheque

Bands Vs. Filmmakers: A Concert To Support the Cinematheque
Music by John K Samson, Nathan, The Jaxon 3 & The Shallow End
Images by Mike Maryniuk, Heidi Phillips, Clint Enns & Aaron Zeghers
Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 7:15PM
Tickets: $20 Advance | $25 Door
Available at the West End Cultural Centre, Ticketmaster, Music Trader, Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store and Winnipeg Film Group

A concert and film mashup for the benefit of Winnipeg’s cinema staple, Cinematheque. The night will feature Winnipeg musician and spokesman extraordinaire John K Samson, accompanied by a posse of Winnipeg’s most loved and revered musicians rocking the house. Featuring the film and video art of some of Winnipeg’s creative and unique visionary artists. It’s gonna be a rock and rolling mind trip of sight and sound sensory overload!


From Uptown Magazine May 26, 2011

Best of both worlds
Bands vs. Filmmakers — a multimedia fundraising celebration for Cinematheque — brings together two of Winnipeg’s most vibrant scenes

Some so-called “high concepts” — i.e., ideas for “creative” endeavours summarized in a pat phrase or two — simply drip with artistic bankruptcy and crass commercialism. Examples include the 2004 Alien vs. Predator movie, or the 1992 comic book “death” of Superman.

And then there are just great ideas — such as Bands vs Filmmakers, a music and multimedia fundraising celebration for Winnipeg’s premier arthouse movie theatre, Cinematheque. The event goes down at the West End Cultural Centre on June 2.

The idea is high-concept, all right. First, take some of Winnipeg’s best and most noted musicians, including John K. Samson of the Weakerthans; The Shallow End’s Rod Slaughter and Dave Berthiaume (formerly of Novillero); and Jaxon Haldane and Tom (Twisty) Fodey of the D Rangers, with Chris (Mama) Bauer (A Universe of Horrors, American Flamewhip).

Then, have them play live over the film and video art of eminent Winnipeg filmmakers Heidi Phillips, Aaron Zeghers, Clint Enns and Mike Maryniuk. Throw in a special reunion performance of Juno Award-winning local band Nathan, and presto, you have a veritable crossover orgy of the best of Winnipeg’s arts scene.

The event is a joint effort between the WECC, Cinematheque and CKUW 95.9 FM, the University of Winnipeg’s campus and community radio station.

“The whole evening is irresistible, really,” says Nathan’s Keri Latimer. “Performing with our friends, whom we forget are so amazingly talented, supporting a theatre that has broadened our fair city’s cinematic horizons, and sharing the stage with creations from local filmmakers — it’s an honour to be involved.”

It’s also a great showcase for what characteristics have come to define Winnipeg’s independent, experimental film scene. The event will highlight the more hand-crafted nature of the featured filmmakers’ work, emphasizing found footage, optical printing and just plain fun.

Take Aaron Zeghers’s prepared footage, combining re-edited clips from his recent work The Story of Thomas Edison with some outrageous found footage he only recently, well, found.

“I got it from a friend — it’s from one of his grandfather’s parties from the ’60s,” Zeghers says. “I have no idea where the party was, but it’s incredible: there are men wearing women’s clothing, and women wearing gorilla masks and brassieres on the outside of their clothes.

“And his grandmother appears, too — hammered.”

The overarching, recurring theme of Zeghers’ presentation is, by contrast, a patient who’s had his leg amputated. “It’s very non-linear, hallucinatory and dream-like, with lots of very textured, hand-manipulated images,” he says. “That kind of surreal aesthetic is very ‘Winnipeg.’”

One filmmaker partially responsible for that aesthetic is Mike Maryniuk, production coordinator at the artist-run cooperative, the Winnipeg Film Group. For the WECC event, Maryniuk himself has put together a considerable amount of sometimes “incongruously layered” imagery, from both 16mm and VHS source material.

“There will also be my own secret blend of spices,” he assures.

It’s not the first time the filmmaker has concocted such visual accompaniment for live musical performance; Maryniuk has provided projected visuals for the Winnipeg Folk Festival, as well as for shows at the city’s Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club. (As part of Novillero, musicians Slaughter and Berthiaume also did one such show at the Folk Fest, which Slaughter says remains one of his favourites.)

“It’s a different kind of challenge,” Maryniuk says. “And I get a lot out of it — I get to try things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”

It also provides an experience many concertgoers may not expect.

“I like to think, ‘I’m going to blow these trippin’ kids’ minds,’” Maryniuk chuckles. Hence, some of his work for the Folk Fest featured footage from ’80s kids’ show Size Small, as well as bizarre work out videos from the same decade featuring dancing grannies and pool noodle exercises.

Of course, adds Zeghers, “you don’t want to overdo it — it’s meant to be background.”

Or, hopefully, a happy marriage.

– Kenton Smith


From CBC June 1, 2011
Bands vs Filmmakers: More of a mashup than a showdown in Winnipeg

The title might imply a show down but “Bands vs Filmmakers” is more of a mash-up as some of Winnipeg’s most creative musicians make music to the film and video art of some of Winnipeg most visionary filmmakers. It’s a one-of-a-kind event at the West End Cultural Centre, Thursday, June 2. And it’s a fundraiser for the venerable Cinematheque.

On the music team: John K. Samson, Nathan, Jaxon 3, and The Shallow End. On the film team: Heidi Phillips, Aaron Zeghers, Clint Enns and Mike Maryniuk. SCENE asked musician John K. Samson and filmmaker Clint Enns to consider what it would be like to ‘play for the other team’.

CBC: John, if you were stranded on a desert island, what is one essential movie you would want to have with you?

JKS: I really adore this Ingmar Bergman film Winter Light. I might call it my favourite movie, but I would hate to have to watch it every day on a desert island. Once a year is likely more than enough. So I guess I would have to go with Rushmore, it really has everything anyone could ever want in a movie, I think, and I could watch Bill Murray all day.

CBC: Clint, how about you? What would your ‘desert island’ album be?

CE: Cover The Windows And the Walls by Grouper. I would much rather bring a Select-A-Vision player than a record player though! If I could bring a DVD player instead, I might bring along old episodes of Robert Gardner’s Screening Room and a selection of Index DVDs.

CBC: John, if you could put together your dream movie, who would you cast as the lead?

JKS: I would cast the ridiculously talented Winnipeg acting/playwriting family of Debbie and Gislina Patterson and Arne and Solmund Macpherson, in an adaptation of Deb’s stirring play, Molotov Circus. We could shoot it in Mexico. Guillermo del Toro would direct.

CBC: Clint, if you could put together your dream band, who would you choose as lead singer?

CE: Probably Larissa Loyva of Kellarissa. Dreamy and drone-y!!!

CBC: What’s your all time favorite movie soundtrack?

CE: The soundtrack to David Rimmer’s Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper made by Don Druick. It is probably one of my favourite films as well.

JKS: Neil Young’s score for Dead Man, directed by Jim Jarmusch. It made me go and buy my first electric guitar the day after I saw it.

CBC: Clint, what’s one Manitoba band you would love to be in?

CE: The Blasphenaut. Do you think they would consider a re-union show? I wouldn’t mind making a documentary about them.

CBC: John, if you could make a Manitoba film, what would it be about? What role would you play?

JKS: I would make a film about the Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Ninette, just off Highway 23 at the top of Pelican Lake. It has a fascinating, surprising story, and is an eerily beautiful place. I guess I would write the music, as I have been working on some songs about it already, and I am a terrible actor, likely an even worse director.

CBC: John K Samson and Clint Enns will both be doing what they do best, Thursday June 2, at Bands vs Filmmakers. Predictions are that it’s gonna be a rock and rolling mind trip of sight and sound sensory overload!

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