Re:Play – Game Culture Art and Technology Fair

Re:Play – Game Culture Art and Technology Fair
Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 12:00 to 5:00
Winnipeg Art Gallery
Admission by donation
(Suggested $2 per person, $5 per family)

Can art and technology live compatibly together? Can they complement each other?

Programmed by local media artist mrghosty (skot deeming), Re:Play explores the impact and influence of video game culture on the lives, careers, and artistic endeavors of the performers. The event features interactive installations, indie game demos, software demonstrations, hands-on workshops, short artist talks, documentary film previews, game themed crafts and publications, live music, and more.

“Video games and game culture have infiltrated all corners of our lives,” says mrghosty. “We play games at home, on mobile devices, online, and more. What was once solely a consumer medium produced by the technology industry has become a world-wide creative phenomenon where independent cultural producers create and distribute their own games, art etc, all based on game culture. Re:Play highlights the creative endeavors from Winnipeggers and beyond who have chosen to work in this field and draw from game culture as their primary inspiration.”

Exhibitors, Artists & Speakers include:

Po-Mo Project
New Media Manitoba
Isabelle Kilimnik (gamed themed water colour paintings)
Infinite Ammo
Clint Enns (live circuit bending workshop).
Complex Games
Glacier Games
Tom’s Computer Works
Bit Collective (makers of the Winnitron)
team 20xx (chiptune DJ collective – bit cadet, 10fwd, Dj wasteland, d0p3f1sh)
Exousia Crafts (selling game culture themed handmade crafts)
Project Whitecard
Strata Studios (makers of the upcoming 100 YEN: the Japanese Arcade Experience documentary)!
EXP zine (gamer zine from Toronto, Ontario).
The Bonus Stage (Kick FM’s Game Culture radio show)

Speaker Schedule:

12:30-12:50 –Kert Gartner (Bit Collective)
Kert will be discussing the creation of the live action // video game trailers that he has made for the Winnitron 1000 Indie Arcade Cabinet using his professional digital f/x skills.

1:15-1:35 Brad Crawford (Strata Studios)
Brad will be sharing his fascination with Japanese Arcade culture and how that led him to created the upcoming documentary film, 100 Yen, the Japanese Arcade Experience

2:00-2:20 Skullspace
SkullSpace is Winnipeg’s first hackerspace, and its goal is to bring together Winnipeg’s finest builders, designers, programmers and artists to help focus their knowledge and creativity. Come find out what we have to offer our members and how you too can be a part
of this amazing community.

2:30-2:50 Alec Holowka (Bit Collective / Infinite Ammo)
Award winning indie game designer Alec Holowka will tell us the story of the making of his in progress game Marian, how it began as a 3D game and it’s new state as a 2D game.

3:10-3:30 Meghan Athavale (Po-Mo Project)
From sound reactive dragons to interactive installations that respond to everything from people’s movement, to text messaging, Meghan will share some of the Po-Mo Project’s works from the past several years.

3:45-4:10 Phil Girouard (Glacier Games)
Phil will take us through the creation of his latest game “THEM” , as well as discussing working with larger game publishers such as EA (Electronic Arts).

4:20-4:40 Clint Enns
An artist and filmmaker who work spans many different forms of media, Clint will share the influence of gaming culture on his work through discussing his practice which includes video, film, installation, circuit bending and more.


From Uptown Magazine June 9, 2011

Video games are pieces of art, too
Calling all gamers! Skot Deeming — aka mrghosty — is putting on Re:Play, an art and technology fair dedicated to gaming culture at the WAG

Surrounded by gamer gear, various vintage game consoles, mini arcade cabinets, about 20 GameBoys (three of which are limited edition), and a shelf dedicated to every single movie based on a video game ever released (read: 1987’s Wizard), Skot Deeming — aka mrghosty, the brains behind much of the gamer programming in the city — is talking about his latest endeavour, Re:Play – Game Culture and Technology Art Fair.

Since moving to Winnipeg three years ago from London, Ont., Deeming has been trying to forge a scene out of his love for gamer culture by throwing game-themed parties around town. Re:Play will be his final gig in Winnipeg before he heads to Toronto to pursue a master’s degree in gamer culture.

The show, Deeming says, was created to provide an opportunity for the local gamer community to get together one last time, but also to educate.

“The idea was lets do something different during the day to sort of educate families, parents and kids about all of the different permutations of gamer culture, and sort of try to illustrate to people that gamer culture is not just about this consumer interaction or sitting on a couch playing Halo,” he says, before turning Halo off of his TV screen.

“I just bought the new one,” he says with a laugh.

Deeming says the afternoon fair, running from noon to 5 p.m., will showcase a bevy of talented people who are involved in game-developing, game art, films about video game culture, 8-bit music-making and hacking.

“The event is about learning about new and creative ways to use technology,” says Deeming.

SkullSpace, a local hacker community who will be featured at the fair, knows a thing or two about creative technology. Among the various ‘hacked’ objects that they’ll have on display, will be a virtual pinball machine that was made out of a flat screen TV.

“Hackers aren’t dudes sending spam or putting viruses on computers or getting into your email accounts,” Deeming says. “The real ethic and spirit of hacking is about creating experimental play with technology.”

In addition to SkullSpace’s presentations, the blips and bleeps of chiptune beats will be free-flowing all afternoon, local game developers will be on hand for short talks — including award-winning indie-game developer Alec Holowka from Infinite Ammo — and local mathematician/artist Clint Enns will be conducting a hands-on workshop on circuit-bending.

While the event is sure to appeal to the liminal children of Winnipeg, Deeming says he really wants to see parents bring out their kids.

“I want kids to be inspired, especially by the independent game developers,” he says. “I would love to see kids be inspired to make their own games.”

– Julijana Capone


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