I know how you feel curated by Clint Enns

PLATFORM, MAWA and Video Pool present:
I know how you feel curated: The video work of Aleesa Cohene
Curated by Clint Enns
Wednesday, June 29 at 8:00PM
611 Main St.
***With Aleese Cohene in person***

Aleesa Cohene is a Toronto based video artist who uses found-footage as material and editing as a tool. Through this technique, Cohene provides us with a lens under which the viewer can see and examine many of the stereotypes present in traditional narrative cinema. In essence, she is revealing the mirror which the media uses to reflect our “beliefs” back to us.

Currently, Cohene is protected under Fair Dealings in Canada. However, given recent attempts to reform Canada’s copyright laws, Cohene could be recast as a digital outlaw. Artistically and ethically speaking, Cohene does not see these images as private property, but as “basic materials through which we have an obligation to express ourselves and define our individuality.”

Abscess (2001, 10 minutes)
Absolutely (2001, 10 minutes)
All Right (2003, 7 minutes)
Ready to Cope (2006, 7 minutes)
Supposed To (2006, 7 minutes)
The Same Problem (2008, 4 minutes)
Something Better (2008, 8 minutes)

~ by cineflyer on June 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “I know how you feel curated by Clint Enns”

  1. I´ve got many footage to use and everyone who has a sense of working with footage in a way that doesn´t hurt people should be protected all around the world. I would like to see Aleesa´s work but now I am in germany again.

    • Totally. I view artistic “fair use” as creating a new context for old images. If an art work is significantly different from the original work, I feel it has been used fairly regardless of legal copyright laws.

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