Movie Reviews with Darryl Nepinak / Mike Maryniuk’s Top 10 Winnipeg Film Group Films

Mike Maryniuk’s Top 10 WFG Films

1. 5 Cents a Copy – Ed Ackerman & Greg Zbitnew
2. Havakeen Lunch – Elise Swerhone
3. Dog Stories – Shereen Jerrett
4. Music – Greg Hanec
5. There is a Monster Loose in the City – Greg Zbitnew
6. Slapleather – Maurren Smith
7. I Come In Pieces – Kevin Doherty
8. The Amazing Creation of Al Simmons – Sheldon Oberman
9. The Strongest Man in the World – Halya Kuchmij
10. Kelekis: 50 Years in the Chips – Barry Lank

– From The Moose, Spring 2007


Movie Reviews with Darryl Nepinak

Welcome to the first edition of the Moose. I’ll just review the movies I seen. The last one I watched was at the Towne 8 cinema, which I call the Neechie theatre because off all the family and friends I see there and it’s cheap too. No disrespect to the Winnipeg’s Film Group Cinematheque, which is by far the best cinema in the city next to the Imax of course. So I watched 300 not bad, I really enjoyed this movie nice artwork and the slow-mo fighting sequences were done nicely, but only recently I found out about the Propaganda about it being offensive to Persians or Persian ancestry. I had a filmmaker Steve Weedon a local filmmaker at the WFG tell me about the history about it not being accurate and gave me some new light on how this can offend our brothers and sisters across the ocean and others that reside here on Turtle Island. So before going in to watch 300 I didn’t know about the propaganda probably because I didn’t major in history. So it changed my mind. I have to be careful because of how Hollywood portraits portrays Indians in cinema like the new movie coming out called, well I forgot the name and the Internet is down at work. But I was watching trailers for movies coming out this summer and this one movie looked cool because all the Indians were attacking these Vikings and I was damn they stole my idea! But it turns out that this white guy was left behind from the Vikings and was adopted in the Indian family and Obvious, OBVIOUS he’s the hero…again! So you want propaganda, Indians need white men to lead them to victory! For my Canadian review I was downtown at Portage Place Mall with my buddy Harlane and we were looking at the new bootlegs of films this guy had for sale and I seen Bon Cop bad cop so for like 3$ I will watch it, not bad either if you’re a hockey fan you will like this movie cause of the references to the NHL and Canada. It’s a drama so buyer-beware. but this movie reminds me of these filmmakers here, Rankin and Forsberg who remind me of the cops in this movie, ones french Canadian and the other English Canadian. The jokes are funny always making reference to French and English. I think all Canadians will laugh but at the end of the movie gets a bit dodgy, i think it’s the acting? But you’ll see for yourself.

So over all I give 300 7.5 losing 2 points for it and I can see it for being offensive out of 10. And Bon Cop bad cop lets say 6?

Good Morning Native America 10/10

– From The Moose, Spring 2007


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One Response to “Movie Reviews with Darryl Nepinak / Mike Maryniuk’s Top 10 Winnipeg Film Group Films”

  1. Thanks for including me in your Top Ten Winnipeg Films. I’m thrilled!

    Halya Kuchmij

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