Sol Nagler’s Pilemic for a disheartened Cineaste / Leon Johnson’s Top 10 Winnipeg Film Group Films

Polemic for a disheartened Cineaste…
by Sol Nagler

We must not become completely overwhelmed by the inevitable ugliness cinema falls prey to. There must be something beyond the ignorance of programmers, the monetary fortitude of asses and faces, the complete disregard for any aspect of truth and goodness, and the devolution of cinema into a mere pornographic power-play between the blind of the ivory tower and the hedonists of the multiplex. Stoicism is not the answer, suffering gets us nowhere. But grace can arise, and it is possible to achieve a sense of purity. Resistance, resilience, and the belief that beauty can and will arise above the horrible situation that has tainted Cinema. It is our role as cineaste’s to discover this beauty in a form that is original, honest, and born out of a rejection of everything ugly in this world.

– From The Moose, Spring 2007


Leon Johnson’s Top 10 Winnipeg Film Group Films

1. Two Men In Search of A Plot – John Kozak and Howard Curle
2. Rabbit Pie – WFG Productions
3. The Milkman Cometh – Lorne Bailey
4. Live Studio Sound – Ed Ackerman
5. Downtime – Greg Hanec
6. We’re Talking Vulva – Shawna Dempsey and Tracy Traeger
7. Rushes – David Demchuck
8. Roomtone – John Kozak
9. Havakeen Lunch – Elise Swerhone
10. Mike – M.B. Duggan

– From The Moose, Spring 2007


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