Craptastic: Juvenile Craptastic Gems curated by Mike Maryniuk

Here is an amazing program from August 31, 2006 curated by Mike Maryniuk. I wish this program (or an updated version) would play again!


Moving Fur – Jaimz Asmundson
Escape From Danger Island – Simon Hughes
Matt Etches on Necrophilia – Matt Etches
Right in the Gut – Dave Barber
Attack of the 50ft Chihuahua – Jaimz Asmundson
Yogen Frooze – Matt Kennedy
Tony Balogna – Mike Maryniuk
A Winter Tale – Dave Barber
The Green Witch – Jaimz Asmundson
Automated Phone Sex – Dan Walechuk
Forsberg on Television – Walter Forsberg
Killer Toast – found on unlabeled VHS – author unknown
Dancy Dancy Chewbaca– Matt Etches
A Touch of Shit, A Hint of Fart – Jaimz Asmundson & David Zellis
Spice World – Matt Rankin
Zombie Killer 2 – Kick Jaxon (aka Stephan Recksiedler) & Jack Gunn (aka Christian Worthington)
Last of The Nepinaks – Darryl Nepinak
Pantsmaster 2000 – Caelum Vatnsdal
The Scientist – Victoria Prince
The Hobosexual – Mike Maryniuk
Beware of Dog – Matt Rankin
Monster Woman Sucking Me Off, Jean Chretien and a Squirrel – Jenny Bisch and Ian Mozden
Highway 61 Revisited – John Paizs


From Uptown Magazine August 31, 2006

Glorious cinematic crap
Cinematheque retrospective features the weirdest and wildest Winnipeg film

Craptastic: Juvenile Cinematic Gems is a collection of the most haphazard film ever made by members of the Winnipeg Film Group.

The collection screens at Cinematheque Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. and comes on the heels (and was largely inspired by) Jaimz Asmundson`s Dirty Undies DVD release earlier this month.

Sure, the filmmakers may not have had great scripts, huge budgets, professional crews, technical know-how but at least they had…

Oh shit – what was I going to say?

Oh yeah. Cameras. They had cameras. And film, too. Or, in some cases, they had videotape.

In mining the WFG vaults, curator Mike Maryniuk has managed to find a few gems.

Of particular interest is Highway 61 Revisited(1976), an early 16mm film by John Paizs and Ray Kehler. Paizs went on to make The Three Worlds of Nick in the early `80s, a trilogy that helped the WFG garner its international reputation. Next he made the feature Crime Wave(1985), which Take One Magazine listed as one of the top 10 best Canadian debuts of all time, before going on to direct segments of The Kids in the Hall.

Even in Highway 61 Revisited, before Paizs found his auteur voice, you can see the potential as he intercuts scenes of his friends camping it up as `70s rockers (parodying the period before anyone else realized it was funny) with Hammer horror films and `70s porn.

There are also a couple of films by Dave Barber, who is now Cinematheque coordinator. Right in the Gut and A Winter Tale are both quite beautifully photographed (sadly, the screener I was given lacked sound).

there`s also a very funny little film by Matt Kennedy called Yogen Frooze, starring Adam Smoluk, who went on to direct the feature Horse Thieves(2005) and is currently working on his second feature as part of National Screen Institute Features First program.

Even a teenage Matt Etches turns up with a film he shot in high school, titled Matt Etches on Necrophilia.

Of course, if none of these names means anything to you then Craptastic probably won`t either. Bur rest assured, it`s fun.


As quickly as pundits jumped on the Snakes on a Plane bandwagon, they were lining up to point out that the film didn`t come anywhere near the studio`s expectations for bos0office draw.

So let me just get this straight for a moment: Someone comes up with an idea for a movie called Snakes on a Plane. It`s about snakes on a plane. It opens to mostly positive reviews despite not having been pre-screened for critics and makes over $15 million US in its first weekend (more than doubling the highest gross of any Canadian feature – ever). yest it`s still considered a failure.

Sometimes I just don`t understand Hollywood at all.

– Peter Vesuwalla

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  1. rad poster mike!

  2. […] two had a pseudo-introduction years before, when Maryniuk programmed John’s Highway 61 Revisited for a screening titled “Craptastic: Juve…. Needless to say, Paizs was none too happy to find his early film under this banner of shame. But […]

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