Language Formed In Light: Part 4 Curated by Clint Enns

Language Formed In Light: A selection of works by Barry Doupé Curated by Clint Enns
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 7PM
The Black Lodge
3rd Floor Artspace (100 Arthur)
***With Barry Doupé in person***

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts presents the conclusion of our four-part monthly screening series curated by Clint Enns. Language Formed in Light has been comprised of different film screening nights featuring experimental films and video art by recognized and note-worthy contributors to the medium from Canada and the United States. The works in this series were selected due to their innovative use of cinematic language. Some of the titles create an entirely new filmic language, while others focus on expanding the established cinematic vocabulary. Previous screenings in this series included work by: Shana Moulton, Ben Russell, and most recently Michael Robinson.

The final screening in this series is three works by Barry Doupé, namely, Thalé, Distraught Mother Reunites with Her Children and At the Heart of a Sparrow. Through haphazard, yet stunningly beautiful 3D computer animation, Doupé explores the tropes of narrative cinema while seemingly rejecting traditional forms of narrative. In this work, ambiguous symbols, repetition and ambiguity are used to explore universal themes such as anxiety, failure and the rites of passage. In addition, Doupé constantly plays with audience expectations creating surreal (and quite often humourous) situations. It should be noted that this work is not for the cinematically lazy, however, the work is as equally rewarding as it is demanding. For more about Doupé’s work, check out Lee Henderson’s engaging Border Crossings article available here.


Thalé (2009, 5 minutes)
Distraught Mother Reunites with Her Children (2005, 25 minutes)
At the Heart of a Sparrow (2006, 29 minutes)

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