Visual Errata + Other Bent Forms: The Selected Works of Clint Enns

Visual Errata + Other Bent Forms: The Selected Works of Clint Enns
Thursday, August 25 at 7:00PM
Video Pool
100 Arthur Avenue (3rd Floor Artspace)

Since commencing his moving image arts practice in 2006, Clint Enns has made a formidable leap into the world of underground cinema, microcinemas, galleries and international film festivals, sharing his unique vision of no-fi/lo-tech images, marked with a deep understanding of experimental cinema and it’s history.

Blending filmic sensibility with structuralist digital video investigations, Enns has created a body of work that builds from the history of avant-garde. His work often includes glitch and circuit-bending experiments, tongue-in-cheek avant-garde remakes, bizarre appropriations and beautifully crafted Super 8 films.

Please join us in a celebration of Clint’s work and bid him a fond farewell to Toronto where he will be pursuing an MA in Cinema and Media Studies at York.

– Leslie Supnet


Part I:
Debbie Does Ascii (an ascii pr0n from a 1981 BBS) (1981, 1 minute)
Remote Control for TV (2006, 3 minutes)
vol. 9 no. 120 saturday, march 17, 2007 (2007, 4 minutes)
Botched Eyeball Operation (2007, 1 minute)
wĭn’ə-pěg’ sĭn’ə-mə-těk’ (2007, 14 seconds)
on light, or the ingression of forms (2007, 2 minutes)
light is the first bodily form (2007, 3 minutes)
triangles of confusion (2007, 3 minutes)
The Death of Natural Language (2007, 3 minutes)
winnipeg stories: sacrificial memories (2008, 4.5 minutes)
Prepare To Qualify (2008, 3 minutes)
there is no G.O.D. without R.G.B. (2008, 30 seconds)
Confused Rain No. 1 (2008, 30 seconds)
The Aesthetics of Failure (2008, 3 minutes)

Part II:
self portrait (2009, 1 minute)
lucifer bearer of light (2009, 1 minute)
whiplash (2009, 30 seconds)
putting yourself out there (2009, 2 minutes)
the value of nothing (2009, 1 minute)
windshield baby gameboy movie (2009, 2 minutes)
Back + Forth (2009, 3.5 minutes)
Gleem (2010, 2 minutes)
Rhythmus 25 (2010, 1.5 minutes)
Walking From Sals To Tims (2010, 2 minutes)
GLI.TC/H Trailer (2010, 30 seconds)
Looking for Love in a Hall of Mere Ors (and Ands) (2010, 1 minute)
Undreamed, Unheard (2010, 3 minutes)

Part III:
Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris Trailer (2010, 1 minute)
Self Improvement (2010, 3 minutes)
Spider-Man Vs Macrovision (2010, 3 minutes)
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (2010, 3 minutes)
The Women of Dr. Phil (2010, 1.5 minutes)
Softly Through the Night (2011, 47 seconds)
747 (2011, 30 seconds)
Bad Lit Promo (2011, 30 seconds)
Fan Letter to Steve Reinke (2011, 1 minute)
Connecting with Nature (2011, 1.5 minutes)


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