Featured Artist: Rhayne Vermette

Rhayne Vermette
Cineflyer’s Featured Local Artist for September

“A little bit about my work – It’s normally rife with architectural insinuations – and most often rooted in the mundane/boring. The work comes about building layers of images in a tangible form, and essentially making ruins of things (destroying or breaking things apart to see the potential within).”

-Rhayne Vermette

Tudor Village Rayne Vermette

Film in Winnipeg has a long and tortured history of being unabashedly introspective and spectacularly surreal. Emerging filmmaker and photographer Rhayne Vermette’s work encompasses both of these Winnipeg traditions.

Vermette’s work has been making the rounds in 2011 on a local level and more recently outside of Manitoba. Vermette recently travelled to Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival with her film R Seymore Goes North, in addition to having openings at Winnipeg’s Ace Art Gallery and a self-orchestrated photography exhibit on the 4th floor of the legendary punk-rock dive, The Albert. Vermetted also played at WNDX 2010.

Rayne Vermette photo

Whether her film or photography is concerned, Vermette’s aesthetic is driven by collage. Her long exposure photos are projected into the abandoned hotel rooms they were taken in, and re-photographed with an expressionistic quality that grows from the mouldy floorboards like spirits roaming these old rooms.

Her films are mostly surreal collages made of constructed sets and figures, painstakingly animated in frame-by-frame stop motion. Bucking this trend, R Seymore Goes North was live action filmed digitally, then printed onto paper. Then each one of these prints were frame-by-frame collaged and stitched back together by hand and digitally.

Despite shooting entirely on video, Vermette commands a very old-school filmic aesthetic often complete with Maddin-esque silent film titles. Vermette says that she is “heavily interested in the excavation of surreal possibilities within the insipid”.

And in true Winnipeg introspective form, Vermette’s latest work focuses on the mundane suburban neighbourhood that she grudgingly calls her home: Fort Richmond.

Vermette is currently underway on a new project which she hopes to merge her stop motion methods with actual film and a whole lot of illustrated dead rabbits, a la Diana Thorneycroft sans animal cruelty.

-Aaron Zeghers

Cineflyer’s Featured Artist series presents a new Winnipeg filmmaker or video artist each month. To submit yourself or another local artist for consideration as a “featured artist”, please email some examples of your work to cineflyer@gmail.com


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  1. […] Vermette is a Winnipeg photographer and filmmaker whose films have recently playing at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, and upcoming in Barcelona. Her filmic aesthetic generally relies on stop animated sets or paper cut-outs, and collage. For more on Rhayne Vermette see the original Cineflyer article. […]

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