Rhayne Vermette vs. Rhayne Vermette

Cineflyer’s Featured Local Artist for September

As Cineflyer’s September featured artist, Rhayne has eloquently but objectively interviewed herself for Cineflyer.

Vermette is a Winnipeg photographer and filmmaker whose film R Seymore Goes North recently premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, and has an upcoming screening in Barcelona. Her filmic aesthetic generally relies on stop animated sets or paper cut-outs, and collage. For more on Rhayne Vermette see the original Cineflyer article.

And don’t forget to enjoy the interview she conducted with herself, found below.

-Aaron Zeghers

Rayne Vermette photo

RV: Rhayne, last time we spoke you were in Montreal.

RV: Yes. It was the end of July. You protested, so I left you in Winnipeg.

RV: …And during this particular telephonic dirge, you verbally defiled a long-established artistic asphyxiation – what exactly motivated this manic state?

RV: The Gatsby list in From The Atelier Tovar … at the time, I thought to myself – finally! my prevailing conundrum broken into nomenclature, then resolved.

RV: R. Seymore, your film, just had its Canadian premiere! You were audaciously ready to entice that apocryphal childhood fear of cities and strangers and living! What changed?

RV: I was apparently intoxicated. And, you stayed in Winnipeg.

RV: Rhayne! Tell me, is it true – you finally left Fort Richmond!?

RV: Yes, following my sublet commercial, drifters kept finding their way to the apartment.

RV: And now, how do you persevere over your acute resignations to boredom?

RV: I’ve developed a proclivity for waiting, instead. Sometimes I partake in one of the following: the composition of shoddy grant applications, weighing various inclinations to travel (R Seymore screening in Barcelona), amassing music for an indeterminate dream-ensuing pirate radio project, or finally, abandoning swimming committments.

RV: For your 29th birthday, your best friend gave you a film journal moleskin, and the two of you, fools! – initially assessed the overwhelming number of blank pages intended to be filled by your own films. Realizing that filling the book would entail the production of over 156 films, you recognized the books real intention, yet still vowed to fill it with (ideas at the very least)… How is this coming along?

RV: Three ideas. A docu-dream about a museum. A documentary about Jackie Shane. And an unspecified feature which would open with Them Two’s “Am I a good Man”.

RV: Great start! Any last suggestions or commendations?

RV: Stay in school.

-Rhayne Vermette


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