This Weekend: (((send+receive)))

a festival of sound
Wed, Oct. 5th to 8th

Take a look below at some of the great motion picture related events at this year’s instalment of Send + Receive, Winnipeg’s experimental sound festival. For a full program of fantastic events check out the festival’s website HERE!

Send + Receive

From the (((send+receive))) website:

The RAW Gallery | Basement, 290 McDermot Ave. | 7:30 PM | $8
Switzerland | 45 min | colour & b+w | Peter Liechti

Featuring Voice Crack (Andy Guhl & Norbert Möslang)

Kick That Habit is neither a conventional portrait of a musician nor a psychedelic illustration of Recycling Noise Music or video-clip tarted up with documentary frills. It is a subtle attempt to mesh a visual and an acoustic world of expression that ends up creating a fine-spun synthesis. The portrait of two musicians (Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl) who recycle discarded electronic equipment to produce innovative sounds is the starting point of an enigmatic search for lost, destroyed, deranged experiential worlds. Footage of the two musicians’ rehearsals and concerts is juxtaposed with visual shards of the filmmaker’s own memory. The sense of doom that Peter Liechti can coax out of everyday occurrences is vitally present in the music, too. These autonomous parts are interwoven with a “Trip to the Mountains”, to the Alpstein, and down to Lake Constance – two magic pillars delimiting eastern Switzerland, the native region of both the filmmaker and the musicians.

From the (((send+receive))) website:

Free Space Loss (2009)
by Erica Lincoln
Video Pool Studio, 6 October – 29 October 2011
Opening Thursday, October 6

Free Space Loss is a term used in communications to describe the tendency of a wireless signal to spread out over time and distance.

Motorcycle helmets, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), sensors, custom software, fabric, electronics, computer. Dimensions variable.

This piece is being put on collaboratively between (((send + receive))) and Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

Send + Receive Poster


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