Gimme Some Truth – Day 3

Day 3 /// Sat, Oct. 15th, 2011

10 AM – 1 PM /// Albert Maysles Master Class

2 PM – 4 PM /// Panel Discussion on Québec Masters

7 PM /// The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry, introduced by Adam Bhala Lough (plays with The Magus, by Jaimz Asmundson)

9 PM /// Nostalgia for the Light, by Patricio Guzman (plays with Maiden Indian, by the Ephemerals)

11 PM /// Manitoba Filmmakers Party at the Fairmont Hotel Lounge for all ticket and pass holders.

With master classes, panel discussions and a couple film screenings, it’s tough to say what the highlight of third day of the four-day Gimme Some Truth documentary forum will be.

Starting off the day is a 3-hour master class with legendary doumentary pioneer Albert Maysles. If you haven’t already signed up for this workshop it’s too bad, because it’s all full up. However, Cineflyer will be posting some clips from the class for those who are missing out.

Following Maysles’ master class is the Quebec Masters Panel from 2-4 PM, focusing on the Quebec Masters series from Friday evening. In attendence will be filmmaker Arthur Lamothe, whose Friday night documentary Bûcherons de la Manouane chronicles the daily lives of Quebecois loggers in 1963. Also in the Quebec Masters program on Friday night, is La Lutte, a film about Quebec’s pro wrestling scene. One of the films’ directors, Claude Fournier, will also be on the panel that will likely focus on discussing Quebec’s cinéma direct scene from the 1960s.

Lee Scratch Perry

At 7PM, The Upsetter is screening and will be introduced in person by director Adam Bhala-Lough. The Upsetter chronicles the life of regge and hip-hop guru Lee “Scratch” Perry, now in his mid seventies and expatriated to Switzerland. Lough and co-director Ethan Higbee get unprecidented access to this aging star and his cryptic yet poetic diatribes. Lough has done a number of notable music docs, and will be speaking further on this subject at his Master Class on Independent Music Documentary on Sunday at 10 AM.

Rounding out the night is Nostalgia for the Light, made by Chilean documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán. The film explores the duality of the Atacama desert, which serves as both the location of the world’s largest astronomical telescope and the final resting place for many murdered by Chile’s Pinocet regime. The film juxtaposes those searching the stars for a greater meaning or understanding of the human existence, and those searching the desert for a greater understanding of the human atrocities of the past.

The evening closes with a soire for filmmakers, pass and ticket holders at the Fairmont Hotel Lounge at 11 PM.

Trailers for the films playing on Day 3 are found below! The entire Gimme Some Truth program can be found HERE!

-Aaron Zeghers


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