Montreal Main at Ace Art Inc.

Screening of Montreal Main
Presented by Ghost Town Manitoba, Ace Art Inc., CKUW and UMFM.
Saturday, Nov. 19th, 8:30PM, $8 at the Door
@ Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Ave.

Montreal Main

Ghost Town Manitoba, alongside Ace Art Inc., CKUW and UMFM, is presenting a rare 16mm screening of Montreal Main (1974) this Saturday.

The 1974 fictional narrative stars the film’s director Frank Vitale as a photographer living in the midst of a group of artistic outcasts.  Frank develops a friendship with a young boy looking for escape from his own life, causing some tensions due to the taboo nature of their relationship.

The film is heralded as “a cinéma vérité depiction of an offbeat generation, worlds apart from today” despite the fact that it is a fictional feature.  The documentary feel of the film is likely attributed to the fact that Vitale got most of his friends to play themselves in the film, despite being put into fictional situations.

The film is also a rare glimpse into Montreal as of 37 years ago, in a neighbourhood that has since been revitalized.

Check out Ryan Simmons’ Cineflyer Radio interview with the film’s director HERE!

Also playing with Montreal Main will be Winnipeg director Norma Bailey’s NFB short, The Performer.

Montreal Main plays at Ace Art Inc. on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at 8:30PM.  Admission is $8.

-Aaron Zeghers


~ by cineflyer on November 17, 2011.

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