The Films of Jodie Mack!

The Films of Jodie Mack
Presented by Cineflyer Winnipeg
Monday, Dec. 5th, 7PM
@ Video Pool Studio (300 -100 Arthur St.)

Jodie Mack Cineflyer Leslie Supnet
Thanks to Leslie Supnet for the above poster!

Cineflyer is proud to present a film screening of collected works from one of our favourite independent animators, Jodie Mack.

Currently an assistant professor of film and media studies at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Jodie Mack is an expert in paper cut-out and stop-motion animation and all sorts of camera-less animation. Mack has made narratives, musicals, and experimental films, all within the bounds of her beautiful and painstaking hand-manipulated animation. Judging by many of her films it is clear that Mack has an unbridled passion for colours that punch, and patterns that boggle the mind. An appreciation for musicals is shown through many of her hands-on musical stylings, as is her penchant for narratives that are fun, thoughtful and unbelievably adorable.

Among the films to be screened on 16mm and digitally will be Mack’s longest and perhaps most intricate film to date, Yard Work is Hard Work. This experimental narrative/musical is what Mack label’s “an animated musical featurette made with thousands of cut-outs from discarded printed materials. The piece follows a pair of newlyweds as they learn the perils of home ownership and life in general.”

Also to be shown will be Mack’s Unsubscribe Series, including Special Offer Inside on 16mm and Glitch Envy, a paper animated ode to glitch films. Also screening will be a variety of Mack’s early hand-painted, hand-manipulated, and camera-less animations.

Mack’s films have played at prestigious festivals and venues around the world, including the Anthology Film Archives, Images Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Black Maria Film Festival. She has also worked as a curator and administrator for many festivals, like the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Yet, to my knowledge, none of Mack’s films have screened in Winnipeg, and many of the films to be shown are not available online so make sure to make it out for this one-night-only screening on Dec. 5th, at 7PM in the Video Pool Studio (300-100 Arthur St.)!

-Aaron Zeghers-

~ by cineflyer on November 29, 2011.

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