Devotional Themes in the Work of George Landow a.k.a. Owen Land

Devotional Themes in the Work of George Landow a.k.a. Owen Land
by Heidi Phillips
Published by Screen Slate in Dec. 2011

ABOVE: A still from the George Landow aka. Owen Land film “Thank You Jesus for the Eternal Present” (1973) courtesy of Anthology Film Archives

Check out THIS ARTICLE by local filmmaker Heidi Phillips analyzing experimental filmmaker George Landow’s religious references within his body of work. The article was recently published through Screen Slate, an online daily listing for all motion picture related events in New York City.

In that article, Phillips supports the suggestion that Landow is perhaps one of the few experimental filmmakers to address christianity in his work, which is obviously of interest to Phillips since she often does the same within her own work. Phillips goes on to analyze the many instances that Landow does approach the subject of christianity in his films. She also reveals some really telling quotes from Landow about his stance on combining religion and art, and even the connection he saw between avant-garde art and christianity:

“In that way I think there is a link or parallel between Christianity and avant-garde art. It’s interesting that it should come around to that, because there are two things that are almost considered to have no connection, but in a funny way there is one because they’re both anti-conventional, and in essence, although Christianity has become a convention, and so has avant-garde art in museums. Both have been academicized.”

George Landow aka. Owen Land (among other titles) was an influential American experimental filmmaker and an early contributor to the structural film movement, creating the majority of his work in the 60s and 70s. Landow passed away earlier this year in June.

Heidi Phillips is a champion of found footage and filmic textures. For more about her, check out this Cineflyer Article.

-Aaron Zeghers

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