Leslie Supnet vs. Deutschland

Cineflyer is proud to give a huge shout out to veteran Winnipeg animator and filmmaker Leslie Supnet whose film gains + losses will be playing at the prestigious Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, running April 26th to March 1st. The prolific Winnipeg filmmaker was also recently accepted into the European Media Art Festival, another prestigious German film festival.

Supnet’s film gains + losses is a series of brief animated vignettes focused on the various personal insecurities and anxieties we all confront on a day-to-day basis. Unlike her previous works, gains + losses features a beautifully poetic narration, almost diaristic in nature, that explores the films greater themes of loss, grieving and the path to healing.

Supnet has already been busy in 2012 with screenings at AIVA International Video Art Festival in Ängelholm, Sweden, the 8th International Berlin Director’s Lounge, the Stuttgarter FilmWinter festival of shorts and experimental works, and the 2012 Festival Les Inattendus.

Looking forward, Supnet has a new project, You Are Here, on the go that she will be working on during a stint at the Toronto Animated Image Society’s Remembering Helen Hill Residency, mentored by Amy Lockhart.

“For that I’m making a short animation called You Are Here. They wanted projects that spoke to Helen Hill’s legacy of community and sharing,” said Supnet.

You Are Here is an experimental animation structured around themes of community, place and interconnectivity. Using stop-motion on Super 8 or 16mm, with hand drawn character paper-cut outs, found images of landscapes, and mathematical illustrations of impossible objects, I intend to create a narrative that visualizes the importance of community, and how distance can be resolved through meaningful communication, through artmaking and knowledge sharing. The overall feel of this piece will be whimsical, surreal, supernatural and magical.”

In September, the University of Winnipeg’s Gallery 1C03 will be exhibiting some of Supnet’s animations and drawings in a collaborative project with Glen Johnson called Storytime. “It is illustration and stories, and stories created via original drawings, playing with the theme of Children’s Literature, however with darker, mature content with lots of humour,” said Supnet.

Please check out and “follow” Leslie Supnet’s blog, where you can see more of her artwork, animations and films!

-Aaron Zeghers


~ by cineflyer on March 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Leslie Supnet vs. Deutschland”

  1. Congratulations Leslie!! These honours and recognition are all so well deserved! xo!

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  3. […] gives props to Winnipeg animator Leslie Supnet, whose praises need to be sung about more frequently all over the […]

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