Ryan Simmons vs. CKUW

Ryan Simmons vs. CKUW
March 27th, 2012

For roughly a year now Ryan Simmons has headed the aural wing of Cineflyer, via his Cineflyer Radio show broadcast on the meaty waves of 95.9 CKUW. And now it’s your chance to show your appreciation for the man fronting the premiere film-related radio show in Winnipeg.

CKUW has just begun their People’s Choice Awards, and if you believe like I do that Simmons has done a great job fronting Cineflyer Radio, please vote for Cineflyer as best talk radio show HERE!! It’s really easy to vote, and maybe through our good will we can convince him to continue the large amount of work it is to do a weekly talk radio show.

During his tenure at CKUW, Simmons has interviewed a whole host of great local and Canadian filmmakers, waxing poetically about all things celluloid-related with that dark, musky voice of his. Listed below are a backlog of three Cineflyer Radio episodes that we haven’t had the chance to offer up on the Cineflyer Winnipeg Blog until now.

Two of these interviews are with former Cineflyer featured artists Rhayne Vermette and Scott Fitzpatrick, as well as an episode with Winnipeg video artist Les Klassen. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Cineflyer Episode with Rhayne Vermette

Cineflyer Episode with Scott Fitzpatrick

Cineflyer Episode with Les Klassen

-Aaron Zeghers

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