Astron-6’s Manborg Named Best of Fest

April 5, 2012

Congratulations are indeed deserved for Winnipeg’s Astron-6 crew, whose feature Manborg has won the Best of Fest Feature at the Boston Underground Film Festival, as recently reported in this Bad Lit article.

Directed by local filmmaker and special effects artist Steven Kostanski, Manborg is the second feature that the Winnipeg filmmaking collective Astron-6 completed in 2011, preceded by the Troma backed Father’s Day. To reiterate, these guys have been busy.

Similar to their short Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove, Manborg is a cult-throwback to 80s sci-fi films, this time inspired by films like Robocop and The Terminator. In the film, a former soldier is resurrected as a fighting machine to save the world in a not-too-distant dystopian future. And the evil villain? Count Draculon and his hell-spun army from Hades of course!

“Steve Kostanski delivers another incredible piece of pop madness: Part homage, part satire and all dorky love letter to cheap direct-to-VHS epics of the ’80s,” writes David Pace of Fangoria, American’s premiere horror film magazine. In another article, Pace claims that Astron-6’s 2011 features Manborg and Father’s Day “really spoke to me”, and were his two highlights of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Manborg was also called “enjoyably ridiculous” by Variety Magazine’s Dennis Harvey. “Manborg isn’t so much a spoof of Escape From New York, The Terminator, Tron and the aforementioned early ’80s films as it is a salute to the worst of those pics’ myriad direct-to-video ripoffs,” Harvey specifies in his article.

So far there are no official upcoming screenings of Manborg for Winnipeggers. I for one hope Winnipeg’s Cinematheque will continue it’s efforts to screen work by the Astron-6 crew, before some eager fan leaks the film online, like in the case of Father’s Day.

-Aaron Zeghers

~ by cineflyer on April 4, 2012.

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