The Best of Strange Beauty Film Festival

Durham North and cineflyer present…
The Best of Strange Beauty Film Festival
Doors at 7:00PM // Monday, June 4th
@ Video Pool, 3rd Floor (100 Arthur St.)
Pay What You Can!!

The story begins in Durham, North Carolina. Two years ago, during Durham’s annual Doughman challenge – a triathlon that incorporates food either before, after or during each leg of the race – Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church discovered the face of Jesus on a hot dog bun. Fearing being disqualified from the race, Worley ate the hotdog, remarking on its surprisingly sweet yet salty taste, while secretly hiding the bun using a technique that he found surprisingly arousing.

After further analysis, it turns out that the face on the bun was not Jesus, it was the face of Jeff Erbach on Darcy Fehr’s sac, a scene made famous in Fehr’s Winnipeg Film Group classic Erbach on my Sac. After discovering this mistake Worley was enraged. After all, how could a man other than Jesus provide him with so much pleasure?

Convinced that Erbach might be the devil himself, Worley traveled to Winnipeg in order to find him. While hanging out in bathhouses, current cineflyer organizer Aaron Zeghers met Pastor Worley. Within minutes Zeghers was convinced Durham is a city where great things happen! After researching Durham, cineflyer team Clint Enns, Leslie Supnet and Aaron Zeghers discovered the greatest film festival on earth, The Strange Beauty Film Festival. Bored with the soulless modernist programming that many other contemporary film festivals provide, it was refreshing to see a festival programmed out of love, complete with fun formalism – Winnipeg’s specialty. This began one of the greatest cultural exchanges of all time, an exchange between Winnipeg South and Durham North. Thank you Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia for making this cultural exchange possible! Winnipeg loves you!

– Clint Enns

Strange Beauty Film Program 1
Begins at 7:30PM

Why America is Fucked (Graphically at Least) – Jess Gibson (Portland, OR)
COPS – Brad Boll (Chapel Hill, NC)
Jornada del Muerto – Neal Hutcheson (Raleigh, NC)
Lintu – Ian McClerin (Winston-Salem, NC)
Pennipotens – Heather D. Freeman (Charlotte, NC)
More Control – Steve Daniels (Colombia, SC)
Sylvia & George – Cara Clark (Greensboro, NC)
Letting Go – Naomi Schegloff (Brooklyn, NY)
Daphne 2.0 – Marc Russo & Francesca Talenti (Raleigh & Chapel Hill, NC)
How to Summon Nackycole – Brad Boll (Chapel Hill, NC)

Strange Beauty Film Program 2
Begins at 9:30PM
American Discotheque Number One – Deron Williams (Carbondale, IL)
Bloodsucker – Meghan O’Hara (San Francisco, CA)
Ichthyopolis – Andre Silva (Wilmington, NC)
Kudzu Vine – Josh Gibson (Durham, NC)
Old Gowns – Habib Yazdi & Andrew Synowiez (NYC & Durham, NC)
Scene 32 – Shambhavi Kaul (Durham, NC)
mono.nucle.osis – Charlotte Taylor (Fletcher, NC)
Circus – Lindsay Greer (Carbondale, IL)
Ghost of Yesterday – Tony Gault (Englewood, CO)


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