Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Gimli Film Fest 2012

July 25th – 29th, 2012

The Gimli Film Festival is just around the corner, and it’s once again shaping up to be a great mix of independent and mainstream flicks.

As always, the festival has done a spectacular job at supporting local filmmakers through its nineteen short film programs over the course of the weekend, including films by Mike Maryniuk, Heidi Phillips, Leslie Supnet, Clint Enns, Scott Fitzpatrick, Ryan McKenna, Coral Aiken & Eve Majzels, Shelagh Carter, Stephan Recksiedler, Damien Ferland, Chance Taylor, Danishka Esterhazy, James Pomeroy, Andreas Goldfuss, and yours truly Aaron Zeghers. (for complete local listings, see the bottom of this article)

The festival also marks the first Manitoban screening of Matthew Rankin’s Tabula Rasa, a short film about “loss and longing” set in St. Boniface during the flood of 1950. For those who aren’t acquainted with the visually stunning and fully realized films of Winnipegger-at-heart, Matthew Rankin, the Short Program #19: Consequences of Civilization is one not to miss.

A new addition to the Gimli Film Fest this year is the brand new Genre Film Program. The program features two films on Friday evening and two films on Saturday evening, all playing for the first time in Manitoba.

One of these films, Beyond the Black Rainbow (Friday, July 27th at 9:30 PM) is perhaps the most anticipated film coming to Gimli, and later in the summer to the Winnipeg Cinematheque. This Canadian feature film is a quasi futuristic psychological horror film with beautiful art direction reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film centre’s around a woman’s struggle to escape her life as a test subject in a mysterious institute.

Also part of the friday night Genre Film Program is The Snowtown Murders (7:00 PM). This film, based on true events, is potentially the most disturbing film playing at Gimli Film Fest, as the title may suggest. The Australian film chronicle’s the brutal murders of 11 people through the eyes of an adolescent boy who becomes compliant in the murders, perpetrated by his his mother’s new boyfriend and his idol.

Saturday night at the Genre Film Program is another great lineup. At 7PM there is The Kill List, a story of an ex-soldier turned contract killer who is plunged into the bizarre, disturbing world of the contract. His world begins to unravel until fear and paranoia send him reeling towards a horrifying point of no return.

At 9:30PM is Stunt Rock, a film from 1980 about a professional stunt man, Grant Page who travels to Los Angeles to accept a job on an American television series. He reunites with a cousin, who is in the heavy metal act Sorcery. Page’s first stunt for the cameras goes awry and he is hospitalized, but he defies his doctors by escaping out a fifth story window to get back to the set. Such reckless behavior attracts the attention of a newspaper reporter, and together they attend Sorcery concerts, enjoy Hollywood parties with the band, and explore the nature of extreme living.

On Saturday at 1PM, Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Volcano is premiering in Manitoba, and this is the feature I am most excited to see. Volcano is Rúnarsson’s first feature, and has played and won awards at prestigious festivals around the world including taking both first prize Louve d’Or and the AQCC Critics’ award at Montreal Nouveau Cinéma. Judging by the breathtaking cinematography seen in the trailer, and Rúnarsson’s previously excellent short films Two Birds, The Last Farm and Anna, I would say that Volcano is a must-see.

There are also two local features playing at Gimli Film Festival this year. At 9PM on Thursday evening Guy Maddin’s latest mythological gangster ghost story Keyhole is playing. The surreal tale stars Jason Patrick as “brave Ulysses”and Isabella Rossellini as his long-suffering wife. A dreamlike rumination on memory, family, love and loss set in a labyrinthine house, where many doors lead in but none lead out.

At 1:30 PM on Friday is local director Shelagh Carter’s feature film Passionflower. In the film, young Sarah Matthews is increasingly challenged and confused by her mother’s instability and sexual power. While her father refuses to acknowledge that the family is fracturing under the stress of his wife’s mental illness, Sarah uses her creativity, inner strength, and a new friend to discover her own identity.

Once again Gimli Film Fest is having their ritual beach screenings, however most of the films playing the beach are aquatically related but otherwise irrelevant (Jaws 2, Blue Hawii) or family films we’ve all seen a hundred times (ie. E.T…. really?). However, the Thursday night beach flick Take Shelter is definitely worth the watch. The story centre’s around a husband and father who begins to have hallucinations and visions of a coming storm. Keeping the visions a secret from his family, he begins to prepare for the worst as his mental state deteriorates.

Meet the Fokkens (5:30 PM, Wednesday, July 25th) is a risqué documentary about two Dutch 70-year-old twins who have been prostitutes for their entire lives (one of them is even still working!). They continue to be a sort of role model in their community, as they were able to free themselves from their pimps and operate their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes. Dave Barber, programmer for the Winnipeg Cinematheque, recommends this one, saying “you’d be surprised by how explicit it is!”

Another documentary worth checking out is The World Before Her, which juxtaposes the participants of the Miss India pageant with the recruits of a fundamental military training camp. The film plays at 10:30 AM on Saturday, July 28th.

In Kid with a Bike a random act of kindness brings abandoned 12 year old Cyril into the life of single hairdresser Samantha. The boy moves in with her, but a local bully seizes on Cyril’s pugnacious nature and gets him to commit a robbery. This coming of age film won the Grand Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and plays at 11AM on Thursday, July 26th.

A Separation, the Iranian Oscar winner for best foreign film, is a tale of bullheaded honour between two overly proud patriarchs and the frustratingly backward legal system of Iran. The film is a fascinating glimpse into the culture of Iran and it’s legal system, and it plays at 10:30AM on Thursday, July 26th.

Matthew Etches is a filmmaker from Winnipeg, MB, and also the curator of the Short Film Programs and Genre Film Program at the Gimli Film Festival.

PARAISO (Short Program 1) – a beautiful short US doc about immigrant high rise window washers who risk their lives on a daily basis.
KIYUMI’S POETRY AND SAYURU’S EMBROIDERY (Short Program 6) – Two japanese girls have an intense relationship though art.
I WILL FORGET THIS DAY (Short Program 9) – A meditative black and white Russian doc about women having abortions.
GRANDMA LO-FI (Short Program 14) – A 70 yr old Icelandic woman started recording her homemade music and now has over 600 songs. The catchy songs are composed on a Casio keyboard and household objects.
THE LAST BUS (Short Program 15) – It is hunting season, so the animals are getting on the bus to get out of the forest. A winner at the Clermont-Ferrand Short film Festival.

GIMLI FILM FESTIVAL // 2012 Film Schedule

Wednesday July 25
11:00 am Sacred Cinema 47 min Venue 3
1:00 pm Oma & Bella 75 min Venue 2
1:30 pm Shorts 1: I Feel Good 60 min Venue 3
3:30 pm El últimate bolero 90 min Venue 2
4:00 pm Shorts 2: Winnipeg Hugs 61 min Venue 3
5:30 pm Meet the Fokkens 70 min Venue 2
6:30 pm Shorts 3: Pure Happiness 54 min Venue 3
10:00 pm Jaws 2 116 min Beach Film

Thursday July 26
10:30 am A Separation 123 min Venue 1
11:00 am The Kid With A Bike 87 min Venue 2
11:30 am Shorts 4 51 min Venue 3
1:30 pm Big Boys Gone Bananas! 88 min Venue 1
2:00 pm Shorts 5: Stories of Men 64 min Venue 3
4:00 pm The Frog Princes 69 min Venue 2
4:30pm Shorts 6 55 min Venue 3
5:00 pm RBC $10,000 Pitch 90 min Venue 1
6:30 pm White Nights 136 min Venue 2
7:00 pm Shorts 7: Liberation 52 min Venue 3
9:00 pm Keyhole 94 min Venue 3
10:00 pm Take Shelter 120 min Beach Film

Friday July 27
10:30 am Buta 98 min Venue 2
11:30 am G-Dog 92 min Venue 1
11:30 am Shorts 8: Honest Work 57 min Venue 3
12:30 pm Guilt (La Vérité) 91 min Venue 2
1:30 pm Passionflower 84 min Venue 1
1:30 pm Shorts 9: Death is All Around Us 59 min Venue 3
3:00 pm Moon Point 82 min Venue 2
4:00 pm Path of Souls 140 min Venue 1
4:00 pm Shorts 10: Dreams 60 min Venue 3
5:30 pm Legend of a Warrior 78 min Venue 2
6:00 pm Shorts 11: The Strength of Family 62 min Venue 3
7:00 pm The Snowtown Murders 121 min Venue 4
9:30 pm Beyond the Black Rainbow 115 min Venue 4
10:00 pm E.T. 115 min Beach film

Saturday July 28
10:00 am Shorts 12: We All Need Time to Heal 65 min Venue 3
10:30 am The World Before Her 90 min Venue 2
11:00 am Theo Fleury: Playing with Fire 91 min Venue 1
12:30 pm Shorts 13: Truly Awkward Love 62 min Venue 3
1:00 pm Volcano (Eldfjall) 94 min Venue 1
1:30 pm The Redemption of General Butt Naked 85 min Venue 2
3:00 pm Shorts 14: Spend Time with Your Elders 63 min Venue 3
3:30 pm Headhunters (Hodejegerne) 100 min Venue 1
4:00 pm Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet 87 min Venue 2
5:00 pm Shorts 15: Sinister 59 min Venue 3
6:30 pm Senna 106 min Venue 2
7:00 pm Kill List 95 min Venue 4
9:30 pm Stunt Rock 95 min Venue 4
10:00 pm Marley 145 min Beach Film

Sunday July 29
10:00 am Shorts 16: When Familial Love is Strained 60 min Venue 3
10:30 am People of a Feather 90 min Venue 2
11:00 am We Have A Pope (Habemus Papam) 102 min Venue 1
12:00 pm Shorts 17: The Slow Burn of Fury 58 min Venue 3
1:30 pm Cafe de Flore 120 min Venue 1
1:30 pm Shorts 18: Drive for Free 59 min Venue 2
2:30 pm Public Panel: Drive for Free 60 min Venue 2
2:30 pm Inuit Short Program 60 min Venue 3
4:00 pm Chasing Ice 75 min Venue 1
5:00 pm Shorts 19: The Consequences of Civilization 54 min Venue 3
7:00 pm Beginners 105 min Venue 2
10:00 pm Blue Hawaii 101 min Beach Film

(in chronological order by screening time)

Shorts #1: I Feel Good // 1:30 PM, Wednesday, July 25th
I See A Light by Aaron Zeghers
The Boyle Effect by Serge Kushnier

Shorts 2: Winnipeg Hugs // 4 PM, Wednesday, July 25th
Curtis L. Wiebe, Filmmaker by Marlon Wiebe
Perogy! by Tammy Marlowe Johnson
Art City by Scott Collins & Anita Lebean

Shorts 3: Pure Happiness // 6:30 PM, Wednesday, July 25th
Catherine: Queen of Birds by Kevin Nikkel
Roger by Michelle Ward

Shorts 4: Merriment and Gossip // 11 AM, Thursday, July 26
La Revue by Coral Aiken & Eve Majzels

Shorts 5: Stories of Men // 2 PM, Thursday, July 26th
Innate by Stephan Recksiedler

Shorts 6: The Need for Compassion // 4:30 PM, Thursday, July 26th
gains + losses by Leslie Supnet

Shorts 7: Liberation // 7 PM, Thursday, July 26th
Skydive by Heidi Phillips
Thompson by Mike Maryniuk
Fallen by Danishka Esterhazy

Shorts 8: Honest Work // 11:30 AM, Friday, July 27th
The Icelandic Paper by Caelum Vatnsdal

Shorts 10: Dreams // 4 PM, Friday, July 27th
Kelly Shorts Rollercut Theatre by Kelly-Jo Dorvault
Honky Tonk Ben by Ryan McKenna
Happily Dysfunctional: The Story of Transistor 66 Records by Steve Ward
Canoe by Shelagh Carter

Shorts 13: Truly Awkward Love // 12:30 PM, Saturday, July 28th
Intercontinental Confessions by Damien Ferland
BLUE FILM1 by Aaron Zeghers
In My Room by Chance Taylor

Shorts 14: Spend Time With Your Elders // 3 PM, Saturday, July 28th
Christmas Shopping with Cathy by Scott Fitzpatrick

Shorts 15: Sinister // 5 PM, Saturday, July 28th
Invoking Curt Browning by Clint Enns
Wingdings Love Letter by Scott Fitzpatrick

Shorts 17: The Slow Burn of Fury // 12 PM, Sunday, July 29th
Framestorm by James Pomeroy

Shorts 18: Drive for Free // 2 PM, Sunday, July 29th
Drive for Free: The Alternative Fuel Revolution by Noah Erenberg & Bruce Little

Shorts 19: The Consequences of Civilization // 5 PM, Sunday, July 29th
Tabula Rasa by Matthew Rankin
Progress by Andreas Goldfuss

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