open city cinema presents: HUMAN HIGHWAY

Tuesday, Sept. 18th, Doors at 7:30
@ Frame Arts Warehouse (318 Ross St.)

Human Highway, if summed up, would be posed as a simple and honest question: “How did this ever happen?”

Directed by Neil Young under his pseudonym Bernard Shakey, Human Highway stars Young, the entire band of Devo, Dennis Hopper, and a myriad of other Lynch favourites including Charlotte Stewart (Eraserhead) and Dean Stockwell (Blue Velvet).

Young spent 4 years and 3 million of his own dollars to get this surreal, whacked-out comedy produced. But hey, where else are you going to see Neil Young jamming out Hey Hey My My with the entire band of Devo and Mark Mothersbaugh in full Booji Boy regalia singing from a crib. No where!

This film plays out much as one would expect. Young mugs it up for the camera as a dim-witted gas station attendant, Dennis Hopper is once again a total lunatic, and Devo steal the entire film as glowing nuclear waste disposers ushering in the end of the world through song.

I’ll leave you dear readers with three words: choreographed, shovel, dance.


~ by cineflyer on September 11, 2012.

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